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Rectangular wooden table

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Rectangular wooden table



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With its legs inspired by the Origami paper folding technique from Japan in order to create strength, and the repetition of wooden planks, as seen in pontoons and piers, this extra wide table was baptised Ponts┼źn, Japanese for pontoon. Indoors or outdoors, get together with a lot of friends around this large yet elegant table. Experience an oriental feel with the combination of robust wood and origami-like legs, perfectly combined with white Extremis Captain’s Chairs (designed by Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners).

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Further details
H.O.T.wood is our European alternative to imported tropical wood. It has an appealing dark brown colour, enhanced durability, and increased resistance to moisture thanks to a unique thermal treatment. The result of this process is a durability upgrade to the level of Class I tropical wood. The high-stability H.O.T.wood offers enhanced shape retention and a very attractive colour, as well as an increased resistance to moisture and rot. PEFC is the label guaranteeing consumers that H.O.T.wood comes from sustainably managed forests. The label is dedicated to promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable forest management.
Our permanent attention to sustainable forest and nature management limits our choice of materials. For Gargantua, Hopper, Hopper bench and Abachus – products with wide boards – we deliberately use FSC-labelled Iroko. This yellow to medium brown tropical hardwood offers superior stability in the radial direction and has just the properties we are looking for. With regard to aesthetics and physical properties, Iroko most resembles the better known teak, whose origin is often dubious given the high demand. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint by exclusively using solar energy to produce electricity for our machines, lighting, etc. and also fight against deforestation by using FSC-certified wood. A growing market for FSC-certified wood means that a larger part of the world’s forests will be protected and that responsible forestry will definitely bring more benefit to the local communities than reckless deforestation.
L: 395 cm / 324 cm / 254 cm
W: 110 cm / 110 cm / 110 cm
H: 74 cm / 74 cm / 74 cm

W: 190 kg / 157 kg / 127 kg
Dimensions PONTSUN

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