F.lli Pavanello SINTHESI® 2.0

Wood and aluminium casement window

  • Design by F.lli Pavanello

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Wood and aluminium casement window


Aluminium and Wood

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SINTHESI® 2.‎ 0 is the latest creation by Pavanello.‎ An innovative product that is a true evolutionary leap over existing technologies.‎ A new window concept that revolutionizes the concept of window ensuring not only high performance but also an extraordinary visual quality.‎

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Sinthesi® 2.0:

Sinthesi®, as the name implies, is a cross-cutting product able to overcome the limitations of both wooden windows and wood and aluminum ones.

Wooden windows are part of our culture, of our tradition. They perfectly blend with the "green" values, although they are perceived with growing distrust because of the maintenance they require.

Actually, this problem has been solved thanks to the latest generation paints. However, prejudices are difficult to overcome.

Moreover, when it comes to wooden windows, they are often seen as an outdated, out-of-fashion solution, remote from contemporary design.

From the point of view of production, they are not extremely versatile, for example when a different color is required on the internal and external frames, or in case a customized color is chosen which is not suited to weather exposure.

The birth of wooden and aluminum windows has allowed to eliminate these disadvantages, although at the price of a significant increase in costs and production time.

Sinthesi® has introduced a new type of wood and aluminum window, characterized by a common thread that can be summarized in one word: concealing.

As a matter of fact, the sash is hidden by the frame, and the frame is concealed in the masonry, in order to obtain an all-glass outer surface. When the frame cannot be fully entered into the wall, the outer parts are minimal and coated with essential aluminum corners.

This conceptual innovation has resulted in the following distinctive features of Sinthesi®:

No more maintenance is required: no wooden part is any longer exposed outdoors;

Increased glass area: you can earn up to 10 cm of light in width and 6 cm in height;

Increased sunlight irradiation;

Extremely elegant too-less design;

Better thermal performance: glass is more insulating than timber;

No color restrictions, both internally and externally: this allows the customer to choose from endless solutions;

Significantly lower production costs, compared to other wooden and aluminum windows.

However, there is a saying in German which goes like "Perfekt ist nicht genug" - the translation being "Perfect is not enough" – that used to be Mercedes slogan in the past. Today this claim sums up the reasons why Pavanello Company decided to update such a paradigmatic product as Sinthesi®, making it Sinthesi® 2.0.

Pavanello Serramenti wanted to refine the product by reviewing some details, to stress the obsessive attention paid to every detail.

The investments in R&D have not resulted in substantial changes, which Sinthesi® did not need, but rather small although significant improvements, such as replacing the old glazing bead with a new aluminum-colored one.

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