Home furnishing fabrics are often used to give the interior a personal touch and express one's creativity. The design of the available fabrics makes it possible to obtain many effects according to the type of fabric chosen, ranging from silk to wool, from cotton to linen, from cashmere to satin. Curtain fabrics are a must in any home or office, along with upholstery fabrics, versatile coverings that can give an extra touch to sofas, chairs and armchairs. Wall fabrics, on the other hand, allow the interior walls to be decorated and soft coverings to be created for effects with a personal touch. For this reason, choosing the right fabric allows you to obtain the effect you want and to completely change the perception you have of a space, making it unique.

Curtain and wall fabrics to create light and colour effects

The furnishing fabric allows you to dare with interesting combinations and contrasts: iridescent silk, embossed textures and warm colours contribute to a modern furnishing style, while a drape with neutral shades blends perfectly with a classic furnishing style. Curtain fabrics play with light and filter it to create unique effects and colour effects that combine the functional aspect of these furnishing elements with the aesthetic component. The technical fabric curtains are designed to make the fabric even brighter and more durable, also meeting the needs of practicality and comfort. The wall fabrics create, instead, decorative coverings with infinite possibilities of colors and patterns with a strong scenic impact. Among the most interesting are certainly the iridescent fabrics, for unique and captivating effects.

A furnishing fabric for every style choice

Furnishing fabrics are design elements in different types, to offer the possibility of always obtaining the desired effect. A shiny fabric makes it possible to completely shield from the sun, if used as a curtain fabric, but in the case of tapestry fabric will cover sofas and armchairs with reflective light effects. A darkening fabric, on the other hand, is used purely as a fabric for curtains and allows the interior to be completely shielded from the sun. It is especially recommended for interiors that are very exposed to light. Outdoor fabrics are widely used to cover gazebos and relaxation areas, and for this reason they must be very resistant to respond optimally to the action of external agents: this is the case of high strength fabrics, designed specifically for environments very exposed to sun, rain and snow.

Strong colours and patterns: fabrics and patterns to decorate an interior

The possibility to choose between various types of fabrics and a whole series of textures, thicknesses and patterns offers the opportunity to cover a space and give it a totally new look, enjoying a feeling of light and warmth. The classic choice falls on solid-color fabrics: in the case of pastel-coloured fabrics, used as wall coverings, the environment will seem wider and will discreetly accompany the furnishing style. A strong shade, however, is a good way to dare and give character to an interior. At the opposite poles there are multicolored fabrics, which play with well-designed color combinations and fill the space with interesting color games. With fabrics with floral pattern, then, you can decorate a room with a botanical style of furniture, while fabrics with graphic motifs create effects based on the mix of shapes and shades. ... More ... less


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