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Plastic roof window


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The benefits of natural illumination of the building are unquestionable but it happens that in buildings with flat roofs it is not always possible to install standard vertical windows.‎
Fakro flat roof windows illuminate interiors with natural light, provide room ventilation and combine high functionality with perfect thermal insulation parameters.‎  Now every room under the flat roof can be warm and full of natural light.‎  Every room should provide a source of natural light for a dweller to feel comfortable.‎  The ideal solution in such cases is the installation of specially designed flat roof window.‎
The type F window is available with a quadruple DU8 glazing unit.‎ The heat transmittance co-efficient for the whole window is U=0.‎ 76W/m2K (to EN 12567-2) and makes the window suitable for use in energy-efficient and passive buildings.‎

FARKO came up with the innovative solution, namely the F type flat roof windows (with glazing unit) and C type (with dome) for buildings with flat roofs where it is not feasible to install standard vertical windows.‎ The F type window ColourLine has been designed with every detail in mind and allows you to match the colour of the window finish with the existing roof design.‎ Over 200 colours available in the RAL Classic Palette enable easy selection of the window colour to meet expectations of the most demanding customers.‎

Available in any size

In addition to non-standard sizes, the type F windows can be manufactured in any size in the range between 60x60 – 120x220cm.‎ It allows for easy replacement of existing skylights, often in non-standard sizes that do not meet current thermal insulation parameters.‎

High energy-efficiency

With the appropriate design, the type F windows ensure an excellent thermal insulation performance.‎ Windows come with two glazing units.‎ The window with energy-efficient triple chamber DU6 glazing unit featuring heat transfer coefficient Uw = 0.‎ 70 W/m2K and the window with passive quadruple DU8 glazing unit with heat transfer coefficient Uw = 0.‎ 64 W/m2K.‎

Ample natural light
The type F ColourLine window ensures a flow of fresh air and allows natural light into the room.‎ With specially shaped profiles the flat roof window is characterized by up to 16% greater glazed area when compared to solutions offered by other manufacturers.‎

Window durability
The glazing unit is bonded using advanced manufacturing technologies to produce high durability and impeccable aesthetics.‎ The external glass reflecting solar radiation is toughened, while internal is anti-burglary and features P2A class.‎

Protection from overheating
Structure of the window allows the installation of both internal and external accessories.‎ The external awning blind protects against room overheating, while internal accessories protect against strong sunlight and enhance interior design.‎

Installation in green roofs
ColourLine version also adds style to the roof appearance.‎ Innovative design complements modern terraces or gardens on the roof.‎ It is thanks to an additional XRD installation base which allows to raise the window above the roof by 15cm.‎

from 60x60 to 120x120 cm

Flat roof windows type F Collection by Fakro
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