FALPER SMALL LIVING KITCHENS™ Stainless steel and wood fitted kitchen




Stainless steel and wood fitted kitchen

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Falper presents Small Living Kitchens™, a brand new concept exclusively patented by the brand that revolutionises the kitchen experience inside small prestige homes.‎ The company, which specialises in the production of very high standard bathroom furniture, extends its know-how and sophisticated design to a new room in the home: the kitchen.‎
Small, convivial, prestigious: Small Living Kitchens™ is a concept never seen before, capable of maintaining the high standards and convivial configurations typical of large kitchens, on absolutely unprecedented dimensions starting from just 2.‎5 square metres.‎ Objects to be displayed in continuity with refined living areas or within hotel suites: Falper kitchens become synonymous with exclusivity, design and compositional simplicity.‎ Islands, Sideboards and Columns designed by Andrea Federici, arranged according to rational design, combining finished elements positioned simply in the space like living room furniture, without the need for complex customised solutions:
- The Islands come in three models, available in three different sizes.‎
- The Sideboard is a single element that is finished on all sides and which can be configured in various ways inside.‎
- The Columns, on the other hand, are modular elements that can be combined to create a true wall unit and can be configured in various ways inside.‎

All products are individually inspected and certified and the Islands are covered by a 5-year warranty.‎ The Blum Legrabox series solid walnut, soft close drawers with built-in stabilisers are fully removable.‎
The steel Small Living Kitchens™ Islands are made of AISI 304 steel, an especially high-quality stainless steel.‎ With a thickness of only 4 mm, the steel is worked with continuous welds, making the joints joining the top and sides invisible.‎ The parts become a sort of monolith, a unique element within which the kitchen comes to life.‎
Small Living Kitchens™ accessories complement the kitchen storage elements.‎ Designed with the same stylistic features as the collection, the accessories offer you the chance to customise the drawers and pull-outs on Islands, Sideboards and Columns.‎ Precious materials, handcrafted details and essential design give life to objects of exceptional refinement that keep everything in its place and within reach.‎

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