Febal Casa ERA Lacquered kitchen with island with integrated handles


ERA By Febal Casa


Lacquered kitchen with island with integrated handles

Era is a modern kitchen where the handle attached to the top of the door defines new forms of Design.‎ Developed under the expert artistic lead of the Architect, Paolo Colombo, it has been conceived to add innate elegance to rooms with eye-catching accessories.‎


Making the Most of Spaces
The X and Y sliding tops slide over the main countertop with two different mechanical movements, both activated manually (sideways or lengthways) which reveal a worktop that can be accessorised, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal.‎ The sliding top and lower top can be configured with the same finish for a single aesthetic look or with two different finishes in all the materials and finishes of the laminate and Fenix tops in the range, with a thickness of 20mm.‎

Customisation makes Itself at Home
Choose where to place the ERA HANDLE: in the centre, on the right or left side.‎ This will allow you to define a key geometric aspect and stamp your mark on the overall look of your kitchen.‎

Design without Limits
The double-sided tall units allow you to divide the areas with a new composition layout, thus creating new spaces without any additional building work.‎

Make your Mark with the Details
The SEGNO open units feature a 45° edge slanting towards the front which adds overall lightness to the structure; the transparent glass shelves on the inside with a T shape allow you to configure the spaces in a variety of ways.‎

Ergonomics and Functionality
Not just an attractive kitchen to look at, but a practical one to use, thanks to the MODULAR elements which can be installed in different positions: between the top and wall unit, wall-mounted or island.‎

Furnish in a Consistent and Coordinated Manner
With ERA the integrated sink bowl can be in the same material chosen for the top, for example in marmo Nero Marquinia spazzolato.‎

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