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Sectional fabric sofa

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PLAYSTATION | Sectional sofa


Sectional fabric sofa




"In my view, a designer should always attempt to redefine the parameters of the relationship between people, objects and their environment, with the aim of ensuring the continued evolution in both the performance and the meaning of all that we use.‎ "
Playstation applies this principle by exploring geometric forms and dimensions, to create a rational landscape which in fact fosters sensuality.‎

The seat is unusually low and expansive, encouraging one or more users to choose any number of sitting or lying positions; the sloping back- and armrests merge to form a single universal support ramp, which can also function as a seat or shelf.‎ A harder, denser foam has been employed in these forms to maximise comfort, and a soft down cushion provides a provocative contrast.‎ So the sofa becomes an environment within an environment – a station which hosts a wealth of different usage patterns, from the intimate to the social, the placid to the active - a meeting place for friends and strangers alike.‎ In this way Playstation intends both to reflect the spirit of our age and to remain timeless.‎

Sectional sofas with plywood frame and seat with steel springs.‎ Upholtered with cold processed polyurethane foam and Dacron.‎ The back cushion is filled with down and latex.‎ The final cover can be completely slipped off.‎ The standard feet are cm.‎ 4 high and optional the feet can be cm.‎ 12 in anodised aluminum.‎

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