FENIX NTM FENIX NTM® Structure for chairs

Contemporary style wood-product chair

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FENIX NTM® Structure for chairs


Contemporary style wood-product chair



FENIX NTM® is an innovative material created for interior design by Arpa Industriale. Launched in 2013, it is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications (kitchens, bathrooms, design furniture, retail, offices, and contract). Applying proprietary technologies, this material was developed byan international multidisciplinary team of 15 researchers. The external surface of FENIX NTM® involves the use of nanotechnology and it is characterised by the use of next generation of acrylic resins, hardened and fixed through an Electronic Beam Curing process. With low light reflectivity (a surface specular reflectance of 1.5 at 60°), its surface is extremely opaque, anti-fingerprint and features a very pleasant soft touch with antibacterial properties. The use of nanotechnology allows for FENIX NTM®’s thermal healing of micro-scratches. The colour palette of FENIX NTM® represents the soul of this timeless product.
FENIX NTM® is distributed in over 60 countries and has obtained numerous awards and recognitions, including: MaterialPREIS 2014, “Best Design Material” Dwell On Design 2014, ADI Design Index 2014, “Best of the Best” Interzum Award 2015, “New Product Award” Archidex 2015, 2016 ADI Compasso d'Oro Award Honourable Mention, and “Best of the Best Product” Iconic Awards 2016.

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