FHIABA CLASSIC 75 | Wine cooler

Built-in stainless steel Wine cooler with glass door with built-in lights Class A


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CLASSIC 75 | Wine cooler


Built-in stainless steel Wine cooler with glass door with built-in lights Class A


Glass and Stainless Steel

White aluminium interior creates a strikingly bright and brilliant effect.‎ The new Brilliance series presents white painted aluminum interior walls that in combination with the powerful LED lighting system, creates a striking effect and a particularly bright and brilliant interior.‎ Available in widths of 90, 75 and 60 cm, all Brilliance units come equipped with a new repositionable glass shelf system and adjustable balconies on a unique rack design.‎
The probes positioned within the compartments measure the actual temperatures, which are then shown on a digital display for each compartment.‎ In the event of a loss of power, the lowest temperatures reached are recorded and shown on the display to enable efficient management of food which has not been properly stored.‎
TOTAL NO FROST Total No Frost.‎ 100% automatic system which eliminates the defrosting operations of the fridge, fresh food and freezer compartments.‎ In addition it enables the temperature to be restored more quickly after opening thanks to the notable speed of freezing.‎
The only fridge in the world to be optimised for complete integration and designed to offer maximum storage depth.‎ Fhiaba design engineers have used space necessary to open the door with the use of a dual-movement hinge to position the cooling system, ensuring that all the fridge drawers open fully.‎

Wine cooler
A great wine has to be stored in a special environment.‎ The Fhiaba cellars have been designed to store fine wines under ideal conditions.‎ Fhiaba knows as well as anyone the four enemies of wine: temperature, humidity, light and vibrations.‎ Significant attention is paid to creating appliances that protect wine from each of these elements.‎ All the technical and aesthetic features of our refrigeration appliances remain unchanged in our cellars.‎ The Riserva storage compartment gives the option of modifying the humidity level as well as the storage temperature, to ensure the right environment for ageing.‎

Thanks to its versatility, the Fhiaba Wine Cellar can also be used to store cured meat and cheese, enabling combinations of use among them - wine with cured meat, wine with cheese, cured meat with cheese - via two differentiated climate-controlled areas and kits of accessories created for the optimum division of zones and correct display of products.‎

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KS7490TWT / KS7490HWT / KS7490FW 737 x 2050 mm

Classic Collection by FHIABA
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