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Storage wall


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Storage wall



Away from the stereotypes of products series.‎ .‎ .‎ something real and long lasting.‎ The real soul of the system is the natural wood aged with its unique veins that make any piece an "unicum" unrepeatable.‎ The wood is subject to an exclusive natural treatment by Fimar that enhances the depth of the pore and the variety of wooden colours.‎

There are wood finishes in a different colour nuances, originals and distinctives: wood nourished with wax-oil-aged 50/75/100 years in relation to the saturation, the design of the "footprint" and the natural ageing of the wood essence.‎ The result is a mature wood, aged, rich of history and with an almost primordial taste.‎

An active system based on a grid composed by adjacent panels and also with containers offset hooking freely positioned and all functions of a walk-in closet: hanger, storage.‎ .‎ .‎

Wall units unstructured freely combined between them in accordance with a logic of open and closed storage units and TV racks equipments patented Fimar, with the plus of many functional, differential and specialist degrees of freedom.‎ The identity and image of Rebel System refers to an artisan product with an “industrial” taste, intentionally blank and strong, but not without accents of great modernity.‎ A product different from the strict industrial programs.‎ Vaguely luxury and even more vaguely glazed and polished.‎

Rebel System is an active philosophia, alive, engaging and dynamic for planning in a free and creative way the habitat.‎ Base materials are offered an ideal mix of authentic finishes: brushed metal, industrial armed glass.‎ The most authentic and original wood, the basic material "compact" treated with embossed finish scratch proposed in natural colours - the gray, the land, the yellow brick.‎

Details narrating a design philosophy based on salvage and on the bringing out of the value of materials and their special features.‎ Salvaging, renovating, transforming.‎

FINISHINGS: compact cemento / compact mattone / quercia 100 N

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REBEL SYSTEM Collection by Fimar
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