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Finishes can be used both in order to ameliorate the technical characteristics of a building and to revamp the surface from an aesthetic point of view. Either you are choosing the right floor for the indoor or you are covering and decorating the walls of a building, starting with more technical materials (such as limes and stuccoes), up to essential solutions to define the aesthetic outcome (such as windows, doors and decorative radiators), finishing a building is an operation that requires extreme care and attention. Choosing elements of good quality is key, essential in order to guarantee a final result of high standards, able to last long in time and make the final customer happy. Finishing a building is just as important s building it.

Covering for walls and floors for the indoor: the right style for a building

The choice of the finishes is fundamental in order to complete the project of an indoor. Floors for the indoor are certainly the first element to be taken into account, immediately followed by wall covering and decorations. Choosing and combining the materials and colors of the floor and walls needs to be done with a certain level of care. Generally a parquet is considered warmer and cozier, while stoneware porcelain can be used to achieve more intense material and color effects. In recent years there is a tendency to combine for instance colored cementine for the kitchen to the parquet in the rest of the house for a high decorative outcome, especially in open plan living areas. Likewise, it is possible to opt for a floor with a more neutral effect, to be more daring with the walls. The last years have seen some solutions get more popular, such as the use of wallpapers (at times applied on a single wall) or the design of a boiserie.

Add character to your interior with doors, windows, stairs and original partitions

The style of doors and windows should respect the general one that has been chosen to furnish the rest of the house. A glass door perfectly suits a modern style while a door in wood is more recommended for a more traditional furnishing style. As far as doors and windows (fixtures and fittings) are concerned, on the other hand, it is essential in the first place to carry out a strategic evaluation, in order to allow the house to be properly insulated. Afterwards it will be possible to compare different materials and colors, so to give this technical element also an aesthetic value. In multi-floors dwellings, the choice of the interior stairway also plays a role in setting the style. Essential in order to move among floors, there are diverse solutions nowadays that are able to suit all space-related needs, such as open staircases, spiral staircases or retractable staircases. Another option that can be adopted when developing an interior design project is also offered by original interior partitions; these can be used not only in the office environment, but also in private dwellings. In the place of fixed walls it is possible to consider the insertion of mobile walls, that can transform the space, widening or restricting it based on the needs of the moment. In alternative it is possible to opt for design dividing walls, useful in order to split the spaces in a light way, while at the same time also achieving an interesting decorative effect.

Design fireplaces, stoves and radiators

Fireplaces and stoves have always played a central role inside the houses in history, being essential in order to heat the house. Their use has been partially abandoned with the passing of time in favor of radiators, that best suit the needs of modern houses, but that are often concealed as they are deemed uninteresting from an aesthetic perspective. Lately, however, all this types of products have made the object of a great and renewed interest on the part of sector-specific companies, designers and therefore of the final customers too. On the one hand, the design of radiators and towel warmers have been renovated, offering the possibility to choose among many different materials and shapes. They are designed in a way not to be too obtrusive in depth and so as to decorate the walls just like any other furnishing complements. But also fireplaces and stoves have transformed their look and today the range is really wide, both from a technical and a stylistic point pf view. There are wood, bioethanol, gas, pellet and electrically fueled models. The most contemporary are those that can be hang or that can be centrally positioned in a room, playing a protagonists role in the space where they are installed.

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