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Finishing is used as to ameliorate the technical properties of a building, as to change the exterior surface design. Be it to choose the right indoor flooring or to cover and decorate the building walls with materials that go from the more technical – such as plaster or stucco – to mere aesthetic solutions, finishing a construction requires extreme care and attention. Selecting quality elements is essential to ensure a high level customer satisfaction, while keeping in mind the project design requirements and never forgetting that finishing a building weighs as building it.

Plasters, stucco, paints and varnishes: everything finishing workers need to know

Finishing a building structure is as important as raising or designing it. Plaster, stucco, paints, varnish, products for floors and cladding laying. Each product is to be carefully chosen evaluating its quality and performance to achieve a result that meets the client’s expectations. Materials applied for the finishing work are one among the parameters based on which a building is evaluated and an element that ensures its resistance without overlooking aesthetics, thus bringing added value. From gypsum plaster to cement plaster, from water-resistant to water-based paints, from glues and mastic to structural adhesives; in this section you’ll find any type of product for finishing.

Wall covering and indoor flooring: the suitable style for a building

Finishes are not just an essential element to complete a building. In fact they also are capital in giving character to a construction under completion. Coverings, wall decorations and indoor floors, if well combined, are elements that determine the style of a building at a glance. For instance, as for indoor finishing, a stoneware floor could give a more classical touch to the environment, while the choice of a parquet will result in an elegant and warm effect. And there are plenty of solutions for walls too: a mosaic can enrich the building with hues and glowing compositions, but daring with three-dimensional wall painting could completely transform environment.

How to add texture to indoor spaces with doors and stairs

Internal doors should reflect the house furniture style: a glass door is a perfect match for a modern style, while a wooden door is more recommended for a traditional furniture style. In case of a multi-level dwelling, doors are not the only elements that delimit the space. Stairs are needed to go from one floor to the other and there are multiple adaptive solutions for a house: open staircase, spiral staircase and retractable stairs are the most popular. Choosing the right one can help redefine the interior design. ... More ... less ... More ... less
Finishes, for sale

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