Floor/ceiling air conditioner without external unit


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Floor/ceiling air conditioner without external unit

Each room, in fact, has its own type of air conditioner without perfect outdoor unit: for a home or a single room the wall split will be excellent, in the case of open space you can opt for the ceiling boxes, while for mixed environments, even particularly large, you can decide for the installation of a Mono Floor Ceiling Air Conditioner.‎
The principle put into practice for our Mono Floor Ceiling Air Conditioner is the so-called Coanda Effect, a system for which a certain fluid that is in motion, when it comes in contact with a curved surface will have a tendency to follow the curvature of the surface same.‎ Since air is also a fluid, our Air Conditioner Without Outdoor Unit can take advantage of this principle.‎
Being able to optimally condition even environments with unusual dimensions and be able to offer excellent performance is not easy, and many companies decide to specialize in one sector to avoid having to face these difficulties.‎

Thanks to the Fintek air conditioner without external unit, the engine can be installed directly inside the building, saving space
on the terrace (when present) and maintaining the integrity of the building façade.‎
It is possible to install the unit wherever there is a water supply and drain connection.‎
The size of the Fintek ACs and their quietness make the installation very easy everywhere.‎ The perfomances of a water condensed AC are on average 20% higher (compared to AC with external unit) when it comes to cooling result, which means you’re objectively saving money.‎ The water used for the condensing process is in no way polluted or altered as the fluids (cooling fluid and water) are hermetically separated.‎
The energy of the water is used, as a source of heat in order to enable the physical transformation of the cooling fluid.‎ At the end of the process the water is drained and finds its way back into the natural cycle.‎

Inverter technology
It’s an electronic device which can modify the frequency of the power supply current of an electric engine and , consequently, the engine rotation speed.‎
A DC inverter air conditioner contains a permanent magnet motor capable of storing energy and ensuring both a very low noise level and an increased efficiency compared to the AC motor.‎
In this case the conversion of AC current is carried out only once and converted into DC current as well as digitally controlled by
the conversion circuit with an immensely high accuracy.‎ The gas expansion occurs through an electronic expansion valve.‎

Higher speed
Since the frequency can be changed, at the beginning, the compressori s exploited to the maximum to bring the temperature to the desired level, using a third of the time that is usually needed by classic air conditioners (both in heating and cooling mode).‎

Water condensed air conditioner Collection by Fintek
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