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Universal built-in system


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FirUnico® - 0510000


Universal built-in system

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FirUnico® is Fir Italia innovative universal built-in system with 5 outlets.‎ A single built-in system for all of the wall-mounted built-in wash basin and shower mixers in the Fir Italia collections, traditional and thermostatic ones, for a total of more than 100 products.‎ It is the only universal built-in system with 5 outlets: one front outlet for the wash basin area and 4 side outlets for the shower area.‎
Designed to expand the range of solutions available to professionals, FirUnico® universal built-in system permits you to create any kind of shower configuration, connecting from 1 to 4  functions, with a choice of installing shower heads, multifunctional shower heads, hand showers, adjustable vertical bars, shower body sprays, spouts.‎ In the shower area, FirUnico® gives you the option to choose which of the 4 available outlets to use: you can select whichever one, or ones, is most convenient, depending on the shower configuration you want.‎
Furthermore, FirUnico® allows you to install the universal built-in system immediately and to decide later on the type of mixer, traditional or thermostatic, and on which style and design from the collection you would like.‎ Also, thanks to the special flow control technologies, FirUnico® guarantees optimal installation.‎
FirUnico® is a “green” project because it has a lead-free DZR brass body (0.‎ 2% maximum lead content) and food grade gaskets.‎ It is equipped with a certified food grade flow control adapter (KTW, W270, ACS, NSF61, WRAS) made of technopolymer, which is completely non-toxic and fully recyclable.‎
FirUnico® has been engineered to offer the best in terms of functionality, reliability and durability, proven through strict laboratory testing that has certified the quality.‎ FirUnico® has been tested at a pressure of over 25 bar, subjected to continuous hot and cold water operation for over 500 hours.‎ FirUnico® is completely hermetic thanks to two special gaskets and its structure guarantees total absence of noise, certified by its Group I noise classification.‎ It is also DVGW certified (DIN EN 817 - DIN EN 1111).‎
The FirUnico® universal built-in system is compatible with all of the most common types of walls and connecting and threaded piping systems.‎ It is also compatible with various types of installations, among which: installation spaced from the wall, front dry installation, brick wall installation, rear dry installation.‎

FirUnico® universal built-in system.‎

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