Fire baskets

In the collective imaginary, braziers where the place around which families used to gather during the coldest days, something like a movable hearth used in those spaces that were not reached from the fireplace warmth and were usually put out during the night hours. Baskets filled with burning ember taken straight from the fireplace and that could bring some warmth to the common areas, or to the coolest bedrooms. The old fire baskets were also used to keep the meals heated or to warm clothes up. In this case, bell-shaped fire baskets were preferred, as the cover was a useful protection from the lit charcoal for women’s legs. Modern fire baskets have come to our days with a new purpose, as the houses are equipped with heating systems. However, families have found a new way to revive them as protagonists of the outdoor space.

Fire basket: from tradition to our days

The most common typology is certainly metal fire basket, the material that best reacts to high temperatures, is long lasting and economically convenient. Metal is easily forged by manufacturers, who can play with shapes and décors, according to the needs. Stainless steel fire baskets are peculiar because the more they are used, the more they change color; the reaction is due to the exposition of the material to heat, which confers the typical amber color of ancient fire baskets, definitely not a fault, but a peculiarity that makes the object unique. It is also worth mentioning iron, copper and brass fire baskets. Eventually, it is also possible to opt for more sophisticated alternatives such as concrete fire baskets.

Fire basket as a new hearth for your outdoor

If you are looking for the right piece to furnish your outdoor space, the terrace or patio, garden fire basket are without any doubt an excellent mix between design and functionality. By now the market offers more traditional shapes, adorned with classic decorations and friezes, or others with a more minimalist and refined design. Round-shaped fire basket are the most diffused, as they easily gather people around the fire and trigger the conversation. Design fire baskets in the square or rectangular-base version, with a more modern look often free of decorations, are more recommended to merge with other modern style pieces of furniture. Size can also be a distinctive factor when choosing fire baskets. The choice can vary from low fire baskets, useful when placed next to sits, to tall fire baskets with a small diameter and a fascinating effect, which are often placed next to entrances or to mark a path in the outdoor area.

How is a brazier made?

The word “brazier” finds its etymology in the French term “brasier”, which derives from “brese”, “embers”. This reminds of the intrinsic function of this object, which is strictly connected to embers. As a matter of fact, a brazier is a container where to put burning charcoal. This container, usually in metal, must have a base where to fix, which usually is a separate part. This allows the basket to be moved and cleaned up without the impediment of the holding feet. The brazier base can feature small decorated feet, at times with lion-like shapes, a tripod or can be a solid base rounded or squared edged. Unusual and of a majestic effect, tall braziers versions having their base on a pole can be fixed in the ground or in the sand.

Can a fie basket be used as a barbecue?

There is an increasing tendency to buy multi-purpose objects that can serve several functions meeting the need of the moment. In addition to warming the space up, an outdoor fire basket can be also used as a tiny barbecue. To do that, you will only need to endow the basket with a grill on its edge, where food can be laid and cooked in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can put drinks on a tray to keep them warm. If, on the other hand, you put wheels beneath the fire basket it will be easy to move it and put it back at its place at any time. Thanks to its shape, fire baskets can also be used as a container where to stock the wood that will be burnt afterwards or as a bottle rack, once the fire is off.

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