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Fire prevention and safety

Fires are uncontrolled combustions of vegetation, of structures, of movable property or of real estate. Fires cause damage to things and people. In order to save lives and to protect goods in case of a fire and in order to comply with fire safety rules (the Italian Ministry Decree 20/12/2012), a series of devices and solutions have been designed. Fire systems, smoke and heat clearance vents, fire stairs and fire doors, passive protection devices such as fire proof walls, false ceilings and plasters, intumescent paints which increase support structures’ and infill walls’ fire resistance. In the Fire prevention and safety section on Archiproducts you can find all the most innovative active and passive fire protection systems as well as safety devices for rooms and workplaces: shock absorbing buffers, anti-skid tapes and carpets, antishock pavements to prevent incidents and safety cupboards to contain dangerous substances. ... More ... less ... More ... less ... More ... less

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