Fireplaces and heaters

There are a variety of technologies available to heat up the environment, each of them able to meet specific technical and a stylistic requirements. In this section of the catalog you can pick the one that is more up to your needs and range among hundreds of fireplaces, from the more traditional to the most contemporary models such as those that are centrally hanging in the room; you will also be able to have a look at the many models of heaters, or, for a more complete heating system, you can explore the categories related to heating stoves or boiler fireplace. In order to finish up your project, you can choose accessories and many solutions to cover your fireplace with style and refinement. Do not forget that by installing a boiler fireplace or stove you will be able to access the energy saving deduction, but under certain conditions to be verified with a trusted technician.

How to choose the fireplace for your home

Fireplaces are a functional and furnishing complement passed on from a very long tradition and still nowadays carrying an amazing charm, as they can help setting up a pleasant atmosphere in a house. Besides the traditional wood fireplaces, today the market offers solutions that are able to meet the most diverse requirements, from an aesthetic and size point of view, as well as with regards to the fuel used and the type of installation. An alternative solution to the classic wood fireplace, that also imply the existence of a space for wood stocking, it is possible to consider the installation of a pellet fireplace, a fuel derived from waste wood processing, with a high thermal output. In case the apartment does not have a chimney, you can install a bioethanol fireplace, which also has the advantage of being placed in the middle of the room. If the room is very large, it is possible to opt for a double or triple faceted fireplace, so to add character to the environment and to visually separate it from the other areas. The choice of a boiler fireplace, efficient and with a contemporary line, can also solve the issue of heating the entire house. As a matter of fact, if with a traditional fireplace you can just heat the environment where this is positioned, thanks to its pipe system a boiler fireplaces can distribute the heat through the whole house.

Design stoves: contemporary solutions for the home heating

Likewise, it is possible to install a stove – suitable for heating only one environment – or a heating stove. This can be connected to the thermo-hydraulic system, i.e. to the radiators. Even stoves have in fact experienced a revival in recent decades: the search for new solutions for heating has allowed companies that already used to designed traditional stoves to renew their catalog, so as to now offer cutting-edge solutions from the point of view of energy efficiency, without sacrificing the aesthetics of the product. On the contrary, modern stoves are fully-fledged design complements, available in diverse styles, materials and colors. You can opt for a ceramic stove, with a cast iron chamber and wood fuel, or for a steel pellet stove, which plus is it can be programmed. If you do not want to give up on the possibility of using wood but need to program the stove activation, you can consider a multi-fuel heating stove, or hybrid, that also allows the use of pellet. If the space available is limited, you can consider a wall-mounted gas stove, while if you do not have a chance to access the chimney, the ideal solution is a bioethanol stove.

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