Flaviker RIVER

Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


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Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

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The new River ceramic tile collection skilfully combines a uniform surface with the beauty of fragments, firmly positioning itself within the macro-trend of agglomerates and textured materials.‎ The project offers a reinterpretation of the old terrazzo floors created by master craftsmen that are still conserved in stately homes without hiding the signs of wear and tear that have accumulated over the centuries.‎ For this purpose, long, thin cracks are visible between the micro-pebbles that have been recreated three-dimensionally with outstanding expertise.‎ These cracks inject a sense of movement into a natural looking background reminiscent of riverbeds observed through crystal-clear flowing water.‎

The large and varied RIVER catalogue includes a wide range of sizes, from the 160x320 cm large-format slab down to the 10x60 cm and 30x30 cm decorative submultiples.‎ For this reason, the collection can be used to create fascinating installation patterns and colour contrasts, as well as crossover effects with other Flaviker surfaces, making for ever new and surprising design solutions.‎

The colour range consists of a selection of 4 shades that take centre stage in novel and fascinating architectural spaces.‎ The four colours – Moon, Ecru, Earth and Lead – enhance scope for interpretation together with the variety of sizes and installation patterns and choice of surface finishes: natural, antique-look honed and non-slip for exteriors.‎

TECHNOLOGY Coloured body porcelain panels and slabs
7 mm SIZES 160x320 cm | 120x240 cm | 120x120 cm | 60x120 cm
9 mm SIZES 60x60 cm I 30x30 cm I 10x60 cm
X20 20 mm SIZES 60x120 cm R11 for exterior use
COLOURS Moon | Ecru | Earth | Lead

7 mm SIZES
160x320 cm | 120x240 cm | 120x120 cm | 60x120 cm
9 mm SIZES
60x60 cm I 30x30 cm I 10x60 cm
X20 20 mm SIZES
60x120 cm R11 for exterior use

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