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Floor covering

Choosing the right floor is a complex task that requires care and attention. In the residential as well as in the contract sector, opting for products that tie well in with the overall project style, without underrating quality is a must. It is in the firs place necessary to choose the material that best suits the needs of the space and the latter may vary widely depending on whether we are dealing with private dwellings or projects in the contract area. The available materials are really many and encompass from porcelain stoneware to parquet, from carpeting to the numerous options of continuous flooring in concrete or vinyl materials.

How to choose the material for a private dwelling floor

The materials used for the internal floors of a private house are a wide host. A careful choice will take into account not only the aesthetic performance which is key to the success of an interiors project, but also the material technical characteristics, its resistance to use and requirements in terms of maintenance and care. Porcelain stoneware is certainly a commonly used and popular material, thanks to its characteristics pertaining to compactness and resistance. It is possible to choose among traditional tiles or large size slabs, also with minimal thicknesses, especially suited in case of partial renovation works as they can be laid over pre-existing floors with no need to modify the doors height. Wooden parquet is also often chosen for house interiors finishing. This is a solution that guarantees the surface thermal insulation and a good level of sound absorbance. In this case, next to the wood essence, it s possible to choose among different materials for laying, from solid wood, conceived to live through time thanks to an adequate maintenance to laminate wood, to a certain degree more resistant to scratches and the signs of aging but meant to have a shorter life span. For a more sophisticate effect it is possible to consider the insertion of an inlay for parquet, obtained through the combination of different types of wood in symmetrical compositions, great to enrich the central space of a room. Alternatively, it is possible to take into account also floors in ceramic, terracotta, majolica, natural stone, marble, grit, Venetian terrace, and other materials that open to configurations and effects that suit really all tastes and pockets.

How to choose the material for the floor of a contract project

Next to the more traditional solutions, very popular in the contract domain are solutions that allow to compose continuous floors, especially suitable to be used in highly- trafficked environments. They have a high resistance to foot traffic and scratches, are waterproof and in general last through time. All these characteristics make that these types of floors are used not only in the commercial or industrial domains, but also in residential projects. If you want to add warmth to the environment, you can consider laying a carpeting floor, Today available in a wide variety of materials that are able to guarantee the performances, or needled floors, or in felt, waterproof and therefore very suitable to passage and relaxing areas. Floor wallpapers make for an extra alternative, being washable, greatly decorative and able to protect the surface underneath.

Choosing the details

Be it a residential or contract interiors project, the finishes details are part of the choice. Baseboards mark the passage between the floor and the walls; they can be decorated or close to invisible, integrating seamlessly with the surfaces. Profiles for the floor, on the other hand, mark the passage between different materials, giving shape to an aesthetic and functional continuity; flooring joints, eventually, have a mainly functional purpose as they can absorb the diverse materials expansions and contractions; however, just like floor profiles, they can also play a more aesthetic role.

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