Flos OK Adjustable pendant lamp


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Adjustable pendant lamp

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.‎.‎.‎ Designing a lamp is no longer limited to working around a given bulb.‎ Today, it means designing the actual bulb or light source.‎ This challenged me to think of Parentesi, a lamp that celebrated the traditional bulb in the most effective and beautiful way.‎ Would it be possible to rethink the Parentesi lamp once more and pass the Manzù-Castiglioni torch on to the future?
Konstantin Grcic

Lamp providing direct light.‎ Head in gloss varnished or chromed die-cast aluminium.‎ Body in injection-stamped PA66+30%FV with cover in gloss varnished or chromed die-cast aluminium.‎ Directionable head.‎ The light fitting can be moved vertically by running the internal structure of the body on a steel cable tensioned between the ceiling and the floor (useful length 4000mm).‎ Dimmable switch with Soft Touch technology.‎ Adaptor on plug connector with interchangeable plugs.‎

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