Flos NOCTAMBULE Direct light Blown crystal pendant lamp


NOCTAMBULE | Pendant lamp By Flos


Direct light Blown crystal pendant lamp

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Hanging lamps consisting of interconnecting glass modules reaching a length of 3,2 mt.‎ (126.‎77") with 4 mt.‎ (157.‎48") suspended power cable.‎ Cylindrical and semi-spherical transparent blown glass structure, suspended die cast aluminium ring connector, hydroformed steel internal lateral arm and injection moulded optical opal silicone outer ring diffusers.‎ The power supply unit within the ceiling rose can be used as a dimmer to adjust the light intensity by 10% to 100% in either direction by means of the 0-10/1-10V, PUSH, DALI control.‎

Flos presents the new collection of blown glass lamps Noctambule, designed by Konstantin Grcic.‎
Noctambule is a large-scale sculptural lighting made of cylindrical see-through glass modules that can be interconnected to create floor and pendant lamps, enriched by a glass bowl or cone shaped head.‎ Modules can be joined together up to six elements to create a stunning lighting column.‎ Almost invisible at daylight, its shape is outlined in the dark by the stripe LED hosted at the modules' base and connecting rings.‎ Noctambule provides a diffuse, bright light giving a fascinating, magical atmosphere to any environment.‎

'Noctambule: the night owl or reveller' says Konstantin Grcic 'Mostly invisible during the day but coming to glamorous activity at night-time.‎ The analogy is fitting.‎ The new collection of lamps is made of blown glass modules, which are see-through and therefore almost inexistent at day-time.‎ But, when you switch them on in the dark, they transform into gorgeous, illuminated lamps.‎
The cylindrical glass modules set the basic grammar of the collection.‎ The single module is a lantern.‎ Several modules stacked on top of each other create a light column, or suspended chandelier inside a stair well.‎ Extra elements such a glass dome or cone shaped head allow for added performance such as a floorstanding uplighter and pendant.‎ The carefully calibrated LED technology which powers the lamps is discretely integrated into the junctions between the glass'.‎ 

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