Flos FIND ME 1 LED ceiling spotlight


FIND ME 1 | Ceiling spotlight By Flos


LED ceiling spotlight

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Spotlight family for indoor use, easy to mount on plasterboard ceilings, Find Me is available in three versions: Single spot, Double spot and Suspended.‎ The Single Spot version is supplied with a recessed cylindrical frame, which houses the lighting module.‎ This lighting module can be placed in its upper position, when it will work like a downlight, or in its lower position, becoming an adjustable spotlight.‎ The Double Spot version is supplied with an injected thermoplastic material frame, which houses two lighting modules.‎ The Suspended version is a variant of the Single Spot but with a suspended mounting.‎
If the design is reminiscent of wall lamps from the 1970s, the LED technology and the versatile light-emitting performance are radically innovative.‎ The spot can be rotated 360° and swiveled 70°.‎ Decorative screening cylinders in three colors can be combined for a customized look.‎ High performance LED with lens for optimum light control.‎ 

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