Flos SKYGARDEN SMALL LED plaster pendant lamp




LED plaster pendant lamp

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Hanging lamp with diffuse light.‎ Plaster dome with white interior and exterior finishes in the following colours: rust, shiny black, shiny white, or opaque gold.‎ Dome support in aluminium alloy.‎ Diffuser in blown milk glass.‎ Decoration in photoengraved and deep drawn stainless steel.‎ Polycarbonate rose in the same colour as the dome.‎

1 x RF26261 LED 10W E14 800lm 2700K [e] Dimmable
1 x RF26260 LED 10W E14 900lm 3000K [e] Dimmable
1 x RF30263 LED 8W E14 900lm 2700K [e] Dimmable
1 x RF30264 LED 8W E14 900lm 3000K [e] Dimmable

"In my previous house I had a fabulous antique-decorated plaster ceiling.‎ I called it my Skygarden.‎ it always looked good even without me having green fingers or taking care of it very well.‎ It didn’t need water or sunlight but lived only on the warm rays of the electric light underneath it.‎ I loved it so much that when time I moved house I couldn`t leave it.‎ I had to find a way to take it to my new home.‎ I took my tools and removed it from the ceiling.‎ This fabulous piece of history is now secretly hidden in a minimalist architectural sphere in the heart of my new home where I can enjoy it with friends.‎ If you tell don’t tell anyone, you can enjoy it with me.‎”
Marcel Wanders

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