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Freestanding bioethanol stainless steel fireplace

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Conotto floor S is a modern and design bioethanol floor-standing cmino, in varnished stainless steel and without flue, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.‎ Entirely handmade in Italy; with a refined design it becomes a perfect piece of furniture.‎ It guarantees an autonomy of the flame up to about 4 hours.‎

- Fuel: Bioethanol
- Burner capacity: 0.‎5 L
- Caloric power: 2 kw
- Consumption: 0.‎13 L / h
- Autonomy: 4

A mash-up between contemporary design and heating system, Conotto is the perfect solution to enjoy indoors and outdoors the light and warmth of a fireplace.‎ Its compact size guarantees maximum freedom of choice: resting on the ground, hung like a painting or wall-mounted with an adjustable arm for easy positioning.‎

Conotto is an independent chimney-less fireplace.‎ It requires no chimney fuel as its technology is based on bioethanol, a completely organic liquid fuel that burns clean: no smoke, no ashes, no sparks.‎ Available in four models and different finishes, it can be used and installed freely: resting on the ground, hung like a painting or wall-mounted with an adjustable arm for easy positioning.‎ Conotto can meet the multiple user needs, namely: flexibility, safety and - above all - the feeling of being by the fire.‎

The same swivelling Fumotto fireplace structure - although reduced in thickness and size - makes Conotto the perfect system to enjoy the charm of fire in absolute relax.‎ The single stainless-steel sheet is wisely worked by overlapping its flaps so as to wrap up the flame like a coat.‎ Giving the opportunity to create your own fireplace following your tastes and needs and customize your model also by choosing one of the colours available.‎

- Different colours and customization options make Conotto the fireplace that can be integrated into any environment whatsoever.‎
- The stainless-steel frame and burner guarantee the Conotto bio-fireplace unflinching durability over time.‎
- A black Bakelite knob embellishes the fireplace on the front, where the two stainless-steel flaps meet to embrace the flame.‎
- Products with an aluminum and stone base can be used outdoors; products that have a base in wood, aluminum and stone can be used indoors.‎

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Ø45 x H.110 cm

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