FOG & VENØ GreenOption Recycled material Acoustic wall panel

  • Designer Karl Venø

GreenOption By FOG & VENØ


Recycled material Acoustic wall panel

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Karl Venø

The GreenOption acoustic panels by Fog & Venø tell a story about responsibility and upcycling.‎ In a local Co-Creation, the felt of the GreenOption panels contains 65% recycled plastic, where the standard felt contains 50%.‎ The GreenOption felt is not only realized by recycled plastic bottles, but also from the turf of Nordic football fields.‎ The football fields must be replaced every 10th year, and in the GreenOption by Fog & Venø the fields get a new life.‎ The high quality and the careful selection of European materials is the same as with every other product from Fog & Venø.‎ Beyond the aesthetic effects of the panel, it also contributes to the well-being of the room.‎ The acoustic performance significantly influences the indoor climate.‎ This is an eco-friendly panel, where the turf felt make the panel even more flexible than the panels with normal felt.‎ This means that the GreenOption can be bended and used on round surfaces.‎

Some of the GreenOption panels from Fog & Venø, can also bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, depending on the choice of veneer.‎ The black/green or grey/green felt backing consists of 50% recycled polyester collected from the oceans, and the extra 15% from the artificial turf grass.‎ Sound waves reflect back into the room when they hit hard surfaces, so by using the felt, the sound has to travel through it, absorbing the sound and thereby reducing reverberation.‎ The slats also serve a functional role in terms of sound.‎ This structure breaks the sound before it reaches the felt, further reducing the sound.‎ The core of the slats is CARB2-certified MDF from Europe.‎ Finally, the veneer can be one of the many materials and colors that Fog & Venø have in stock.‎ Choosing the veneer is the decorative aspect of the panel, as they can both match and create a contrast in the room.‎ The panels come untreated but can be oiled to achieve a different finish.‎ They are easy to install, as the installation can be done with screws or construction adhesive.‎ After use the disposal act is simple as well, the felt is removed from the slats and disposed of as plastic waste, which can be recycled.‎ The slats are sorted as recycled wood, which can be recycled into new materials.‎ 

The acoustic panels are an ideal tool for reducing noise in office areas and open spaces.‎ The felt backing absorbs the sound, that without the panels would be thrown back into the room when hitting a hard surface, and the slats break the soundwaves.‎ The absorption coefficient and absorption class for the Fog & Venø GreenOption, are tested according to EN ISO 11654:1997.‎ The panels are tested in two different ways of mounting; directly to the surface, and with 45mm isolation.‎ 

The test result* for the wood panel directly mounted to the surface is an absorption coefficient on α𝑤 = 0.‎25(MH), and an absorption class E.‎ This installation is sufficient for smaller rooms and private homes.‎ This installation performs at its best around 2000 Hz, where the absorption coefficient is 1.‎0.‎ 

For a better absorption coefficient and absorption class, it is recommended to mount the panels on 45mm of isolation.‎ Here the Wood Panels have an absorption coefficient on α𝑤 = 0.‎85, and the absorption class B.‎ This installation is recommended for larger spaces as open offices.‎ This installation performs at its best between 500 Hz and 1000 Hz, where the absorption coefficient is 1.‎0.‎

(*) On the website, all test results and datasheets are available in PDF.‎‎ 

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  • 20x600x2400 mm
  • 20x600x3000 mm

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