Fontanot CLIP Helical steel Spiral staircase in kit form


CLIP By Fontanot


Helical steel Spiral staircase in kit form

Clip is an indoor staircase composed of 11, 12, 13 or 14 rises complete with railing.‎ The maximum height of the staircase is 350 cm.‎ 
The staircase is characterized by a landing which allows the staircases to be fitted to openings of any shape or size

Thanks to the innovative tread sleeve fastened to the central pole with a vice-like system, the Clip kit staircase is easy to install not requiring any spacers.‎
What’s more, a fresh and young design, a steel structure and 6 vibrant colours are the right ingredients to make the Clip spiral staircase a modern and functional furnishing element.‎

The Clip spiral staircase is 120cm in diameter, made up of 11, 12, 13 or 14 rises complete with railing, and can reach a maximum height of 350 cm.‎ The staircase is characterised by a universal landing so that it can be installed in openings of any shape and size.‎
You can vary the staircase height between 215 and 350cm to suit your needs.‎

Adjustable height:
The standard kit is composed of 10 treads + 1 landing and the height is adjustable between 215 and 275 cm.‎ For particular requirements, kits containing 14 rises (13 treads and 1 landing) are available so that you can reach a height of up to 350cm.‎

The Clip staircase treads are made from a single sheet of steel.‎ Depending on the height, Clip can be composed of 11 to 14 rises.‎ Also the tread rise is adjustable between 19 and 24 cm depending on the installation.‎

Assembly system:
The innovative vice-like system allows fastening the tread directly to the central pole not requiring any spacers.‎

The kit can be installed with both clockwise and anticlockwise rotation.‎

Clip comes in 6 finish colours: 
White RAL 9010
Black RAL 9005
Blue RAL 5023
Green RAL 6033
Orange RAL 2000
Violet RAL 4005

Type of opening:
Clip can be installed in any type of hole or opening.‎ A hole diameter (or side length in case of a square hole) of at least 125cm is recommended.‎

Kit weight:
134 Kg

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Further details
Use Internal
Measures Diameter 120 cm
Finishing Steel
Metal Color White 9010, Blue 5023, Green 6033, Orange 2000, Violet 4005
Baluster Balusters and handrails in the same color stair
Handrail In PVC painted in the same color stair

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