Food trolleys

The food trolleys are functional objects by definition, born in response to the daily need to serve the dishes of a lunch but also to serve tea or coffee in the living room. Useful both as a support surface in narrow kitchens and as a means to shuttle between the various rooms. The food trolleys, in different shapes, colours and materials, combine functionality and aesthetics in a single object. Versatile furnishings, they are design complements that can have a decisive impact on the surrounding furnishing style, supporting it or lending themselves to the creation of well studied contrasts.

Design food trolleys for indoor spaces

The food trolleys are the perfect furnishing accessory to serve with effect, offering one or more shelves, allowing you to transport dishes and bottles in a single trip. An ancient gesture is that of serving food using a trolley with wheels, born when the distances between the various rooms of the house were huge and these items of furniture were adorned with placemats embroidered so as to make a good impression even when combined with the dining table. Although with more modern forms, modern food trolleys still tastefully furnished the rooms of our homes. Now no longer used only for their functional appearance but also for their aesthetics, suitable to furnish a corner of the house with personality. In many cases they have been revisited by furniture companies so that some models have become true icons of design.
In our homes, the most common are the kitchen trolleys, they are almost the natural extension of the kitchen top, increasingly essential in today's homes, a versatile furniture that with the addition of wheels also becomes mobile, repositionable in the room where you need it most, often near the stove or sink.
Many houses are composed of a kitchen next to the dining area, even in these situations a food trolley can come in handy. We will only have to worry about placing everything we need to set the table and move it to the dining room, so we will not have to travel several times along the way with the danger that dishes and glasses fall from our hands. Once placed next to the table the trolley does not lose its usefulness, it is time that we can rest there drinks and chopping boards in such a way as to leave more free and tidy the table. Once their work is finished, we can decide to store them in case they are foldable food trolleys or to leave them in the living room, and reuse them as a piece of furniture.

The garden comes to life with outdoor service trolleys

More and more the furnishings that were previously located only inside our homes are also being proposed in key outdoor, it is precisely the case of garden trolleys: the function is always the same, facilitate the movement of objects. When choosing this type of furniture, great attention must be paid to the materials: they must be durable and resistant to atmospheric agents, at least to the sun's rays. Classic is the choice of teak food trolleys, often coordinated with tables and sofas, can be used to transport drinks in the garden or by the pool, are equipped with wheels suitable for outdoor flooring, great solution for enjoying outdoor dining.

How to choose the right material for your food trolley

If stronger materials are recommended for the outdoor area, we can play at home with more delicate but impressive combinations of materials. Plastic food trolleys for environments where practicality is the main feature, washable and light, they are available in a thousand colours. If you are looking for a furnishing accessory for more elegant and refined environments, you can opt for glass bar trolleys, other versions with glass tops, delicate and precious objects, certainly more suitable for transporting a few objects than heavy dishes. If there is a lot of space in the kitchen for stainless steel food trolleys, the top suitable for coming into contact with food can be easily cleaned.

Lots of accessories for your food trolley

As a multifunctional piece of furniture, the food trolley makes accessories its strong point, the wheels characterize it and are what differentiate it from a simple high table. Even this detail, which might seem obvious at first glance, can be declined in many versions: in addition to the classic four wheels we can choose trolleys with only two wheels in the front, in the rear we can choose feet that, if necessary, in transport, will be lifted to allow movement - certainly the base is suitable for trolleys for food slim and made of lightweight materials -. In kitchens or service areas there are essential food trolleys with drawers, one or more pulls to easily store and transport cutlery and tablecloths for use in the kitchen as well as in the dining room; trolleys with shelves and sometimes doors to reach maximum capacity, of course the choice must be made with care because every detail and accessory will affect the final aesthetics of the object. Very useful are the food trolleys with bottle holders, this is the hallmark of the bar trolleys, equipped with removable shelves and glass holders. For the most demanding there are also bar trolleys with ice reserve on the market, pieces of furniture that will add a touch of luxury and personality to your living area. ... More ... less


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