FORNACE S. ANSELMO Architectural Terracotta & Faience

Quarry frieze

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Architectural Terracotta & Faience


Quarry frieze



Architectural Terracotta & Faience
Clay decorative glazed elements and terracotta impressive solutions
Free size constraints, the unique terracotta plates are declined in various size options and are inspired by a sophisticated interpretation of the matter and by artistic expressions.
Each composition is designed with the aim of expressing themselves both in exterior architectural coatings that indoor environments due to a variety of solutions that allow to connote the spaces with a defined personality. Designed and produced by synthesizing the best expression, taste and creativity, showing the evolution of the highest range of the best Italian manufacturing tradition.

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Architectural Terracotta
The division "Architectural Terracotta and Faience" of S.Anselmo is responsible for the reproduction of artistic and decorative Terracotta elements even glazed. The main target market is constituted by the necessity of restoration and reconstruction of the architectural facades and details (like portals, frames, etc), generally existing in prestigious buildings. The scope of our works is often to replicate or provide masterpiece that are supplied to. The knowhow of this our laboratory and production department consists in the modeling of raw materials with the use of ceramic engobes and glazes that are finalized to create a final high quality products with water absorption that has value near to zero that can resist forever.
• Quotations & Reports
• Site Survey
• Design Advice
• Contract Management
• CAD Design
• Terracotta & Faience Manufacture
• Delivery & Logistics
• Clay Preparation
• Laboratory Colour Development
• Modelling & Moulding
• Clay Casting, Hand Finishing & Drying
• Glazing
• Kiln Firing
• Quality Control
• Packing, Delivery & Logistics
Faience is the term that leads back to the city of Faenza, historical reference for the production of ceramic elements for decorations in the building industry. The research and development of glaze and through-body clay color formulation proceeds concurrent with site survey work and digital model creation. Physical control samples are studied to formulate glaze and clay recipes. Once a match has been achieved, it is submitted to the architect/owner for review and approval.
The term Faience identifies a particular production of prestigious terracotta elements with glazed surface. In this industry, the body of the material consists of clay that is covered with different layers of colors. The high quality buildings, in the past and even more in the present time, have been using artistic and decorative elements to improve the aesthetical value of the facades. Our laboratory and production department dedicated to the supply of Faiance are focused on the reproduction of bespoke building element or the creation of customized artistic terracotta materials. The know-how acquired allows us to achieve basically any bespoke shape and size.
We can realize any color, finish and size through production of samples and prototypes. The surfaces are carefully evaluated and engineered for aesthetic and technical requirements.
Every pieces is a bespoke unit, a masterpiece. Our handcrafted, traditional methods guarantee unique finishes and colors. The visit to our lab and the meeting with our artists remains an unforgettable experience; a journey through history and fantasy.

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