Freifrau KYA BARSTOOL WOODEN FRAME Fabric barstool with footrest


KYA BARSTOOL WOODEN FRAME | Stool with footrest By Freifrau


Fabric barstool with footrest

Manufacture year


A good horse saddle offers comfort and stability and allows you to respond effectively to any challenges you may encounter while out with your horse.‎ Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher have taken a long, hard look at this centuries-old piece of craftsmanship and transformed it into a series of seating furniture.‎ You can sit on Kya as you would a traditional chair or straddle it like a saddle.‎ A charming, expressive barstool that’s also ergonomic, encouraging you to switch positions and try out a variety of seating options and thus relieving the back, which is all too often overstressed on one side or the other.‎ Available with wooden or steel frame.‎

The “Neuland.‎ Paster & Geldmacher” design duo has developed a stool you can sit on like a traditional chair or straddle like a saddle.‎

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80 height
500 width
230 length
820 seat height

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