Freifrau LEYA LOUNGE Leather armchair with armrests


LEYA LOUNGE | Armchair By Freifrau


Leather armchair with armrests

Manufacture year


Sometimes, we all need a little comfort: and that’s where the Leya Lounge Chair comes into play.‎ With Leya the designers Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleys have created a place to sit with a glass of wine of an evening and just let the time drift by – with a matching stool to make things more comfortable.‎
While the soft interior upholstery makes sitting into a sensuous experience, with its premium look, Leya will soon be your favourite piece of furniture – whether as a single or double piece.‎

Frame Variant
wooden frame with cross

Sensuous comfort: Sometimes, we all need a little comfort: and that’s where the new Leya Lounge Armchair comes into play.‎ With Leya, the 

At the beginning, there was a very simple chair – without armrests, but with an ingenious idea.‎ Why not take a modern minimalist form, but combine it with extra-soft upholstery? The result was a compact, almost delicate chair that is far more comfortable than its clear, pure lines might suggest at first sight: Leya.‎ Rewarded with astonishing success, the designers have since successively applied the same concept to various other types of seating - the Leya family now consists of more than twenty variants, from models with armrests through to lounge chairs and bar stools and the Leya wingback couch with its lavish Chesterfield upholstery.‎

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880 Height
710 Width
850 Depth
420 Seat Height
570 Seat Width
540 Armrest Height

Leya Collection by Freifrau
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