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Cushio moss wall lamp / ceiling lamp


Aluminium, Moss

As a result of urbanization, we are increasingly losing touch with nature.‎ Scientific studies prove that contact with nature reduces our stress levels, increases our creativity, lowers blood pressure and generally improves our cognitive abilities.‎ In a natural environment, we as humans simply feel more comfortable, healthier and more productive.‎

This positive effect is conveyed by our newly developed moss and nature lights.‎ The lamps and lights creatively serve the growing desire for green and bring a piece of nature into the interiors of offices, hotels, practices, shopping malls and other closed spaces.‎

MOOSALISA - Ceiling / wall light with cushion moss

The modern design lamps are an absolute highlight in any interior design with several useful features.‎ You generate the desired basic lighting for your room.‎ The additional accent lighting gives the natural surfaces even more value and makes them a special eye-catcher.‎

The moss surface in particular absorbs sound waves between 500 and 3,000 hertz and ensures a calm environment.‎ Especially in the speech range at about 2,000 hertz, the moss surface is ideally suited.‎ But also the used bark materials are partially acoustically effective by their surface.‎ The patented preservative method of moss leaves the natural product completely without care, irrigation or fertilization.‎ Thus one can enjoy permanently the evergreen natural product.‎

Each lamp is "Made in Germany" and crafted by hand.‎ Dimensions, materials, colors and technical specifications are customizable.‎ We are happy to assist you with the planning and selection of our natural lights with moss application.‎

The same principle is available on request as a vertical version of a Greenhill moss wall.‎

• Accent lighting: 4.‎ 000, 6.‎ 500 Kelvin
• Optionally with indirect lighting: 2.‎ 700, 3.‎ 000, 4.‎ 000 Kelvin
• LED efficiency: 165 lm/W
• Control: DALI, 1-10 V, DMX, luminaires
• Material corpus: Varnished aluminium profile in RAL
• Material moss: Greenhill cushion/bun moss

Ø 800, 1.000, 1.450 mm | H. 50 – 95 mm

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