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Larch wall tiles




The way in which we use natural materials in our product line Nature is a statement.‎ The  unique optic and haptic of our bark materials as wall decoration convey a sense of grounding and stability.‎ On the other hand, they are also an expression of individuality, exclusivity and aesthetics.‎ There is one thing our product line Nature always communicates: quality at the highest level.‎ Integrated into modern living spaces they convey a feeling of comfort and well-being.‎

FUJI – Charred wood
In addition to our product MAGMA, we can also offer you additional heat-treated wooden panels.‎ The four-meter-long FUJI boards are fired, brushed and oiled, and are optionally available in the spring size of 146 mm 5.‎ 75 inch or 176 mm / 6.‎ 93 inch (cover dimension reduced by 6 mm / 0.‎ 24 inch each) and are 19 mm / 0.‎ 75 inch thick.‎ Our product FUJI is less heavily burned and – like MAGMA – is suitable for outdoor use as well as for the design of cozy interior spaces.‎

• Material: larch wood burnt, brushed and oiled
• Standard sizes: three-layer boards or boards, sizes according to customer requirements
• boards: conserved spruce, planks with groove milling on both sides incl.‎ Foreign spring, surface sealed and clear lacquered, size: 170 x 3000 mm / 0.‎ 51 m² (6.‎ 69 x 118.‎ 11 inch, 0.‎ 51 sqm), thickness: 19 mm (0.‎ 75 inch)
• Thickness: approx.‎ 20 – 25 mm (0.‎ 79 – 0.‎ 98 inch) for 3-layer panels; approx.‎ 18 – 20 mm (0,71 x 0.‎ 79 inch) for boards
• Weight: 6 – 7 kg per sqm
• Design: waved
• Specials: metal, porcelain and neon plexiglass elements can be added upon request
• Uses: wall and ceiling design, room divider, cabinetry
• Assembly: screwed or strip systems
• Note: the type of sealing depends on the place of use.‎
• Delivery time: approx.‎ 2 – 3 weeks  

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Nature Collection by Freund GmbH
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