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MOSS  WALLS & more by Freund GmbH -  Natural, evergreen, soundabsorbing and maintenance-free
We use only real mosses and plants for our green wall elements.‎ We make sure that the elements are easy to install and that our customers are given extensive guidance.‎ The mosses used in our product lines Evergreen (reindeer moss), Greenhill (cushion / bun moss) an Greenwood (forest moss) are cleaned and preserved using a special process.‎ As a result, our moss pictures and walls maintain their natural green colour and do not need artificial light, care or feeding.‎ These maintenance-free moss products are mounted on MDF panels, which can be exchanged for fire-resistant, flexible or moisture-resistant supporting panels if desired.‎

You can also order the moss pictures and walls with moss frames and split battens.‎ The moss frame conceals the edges of the MDF panels, while the mounting strips enable an even easier installation.‎ Upon request, you can order all of our moss products as a B1 certified (hardly inflammable) version.‎

• No upkeep
• No maintenance
• Sound isolating (up to 90%)
• B1 certified (hardly inflammable) on request

EVERGREEN PREMIUM SPECIAL – Reindeer moss individually shaped

The evergreen moss walls made of Evergreen Moss Premium are the highlight in your spaces and do not require any light, watering or feeding.‎ Those features currently make our dense evergreen wall panels one of our most sought after products.‎

Through its subtle texture and the evolving large surface the moss florets appear very soft and ”fluffy.‎ ” The viewer is naturally inclined to touch the soft moss pictures and walls and explore the different sensations of the natural moss on their skin.‎

• Unique manufacturing: We are the only producer that double-attaches the Evergreen Moss Premium
• Made to order, to customer requirements
• Excellent pattern repetition
• Standard sizes available, round and square
• Optional individual forms (e.‎ g.‎ , room divider, world map, free form, 2D, and 3D versions, etc.‎ )
• Optional moss frame and split battens
• Available in 15 colours (see brochure)
• Sound absorbing up to 90 %
• Thickness: ca.‎ 50 – 60 mm (1.‎ 97 – 2.‎ 36 inch), incl.‎ backing (10 mm / 0.‎ 39 inch)
• Weight: ca.‎ 14 kg per sqm (moss incl.‎ MDF backing)
• Fire Rating: B1 certified panels upon request, standard: B2
• Carrier exchangeable (fulfills the requirements for fire protection, moisture resistance and flexibility)
• Assembly: Self-installation is easy with the help of our mounting and frame systems.‎ The individual panels can also be screwed directly onto the wall on top of existing construction or panels.‎
• Delivery time: approx.‎ 3 – 4 weeks

Further info from manufacturer on EVERGREEN PREMIUM INDIVIDUALLY SHAPED

Green Collection by Freund GmbH
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