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Sled base sectional fabric sofa

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Sled base sectional fabric sofa



It goes without saying that this range is one of the most original proposals by Frigerio Salotti: we are speaking of Davis, a furniture program that if we called "a sofa" would only be a blatant understatement.‎
In truth, Davis is an ongoing, evolving project, whose aim is to enable customers to create their own truly bespoke sofa, both in terms of size and style.‎
The wide range of solutions available makes it possible to obtain sofas with custom-sized measurements almost down to an inch: all you need to do is simply match the different elements appropriately and what you get are practically customized lengths, while using standard modules and therefore without having to resort to specific technical assistance with its notoriously high costs.‎
But Davis is not just about size, quite the contrary.‎ Its strength lies in its ability to customize style, so that every sofa is unlike any other because each one is a manifestation of the personal taste and needs of its owner: everything can be selected and customized at will.‎
Because each sofa is made specifically to the requirements specified in the customer order, the combination possibilities are endless: starting from the shape and finish of the feet, reaching up to the shape and depth of the armrests, and topping it off with the cushion arrangement.‎ Noteworthy here is that, for many of the elements that can be combined with the sofa - such as armrests, pouf, shelf supports and others - the base structure of the sofa extends underneath the added element, which is not added on at a later stage, thus creating an unpleasant sense of discontinuity.‎
By way of enhancing the degree of customization and the range of possibilities offered by the Davis project, let us not forget the refined accessories that can be placed either at the ends of the sofa, or fitted between the various elements or even to exalt the back of the sofa.‎ We are speaking of the trays in different sizes, of the boxlike bookends that can skirt the entire length of the composition or even be fitted instead of the armrest, as well as the storage elements that are normally provided between the standard elements thereby also acting as counter-top surfaces.‎

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Davis Collection by Frigerio Salotti
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