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Marble mosaic



I MULTIPLI are a new collection by Friul Mosaic.‎
In this collection, Friul Mosaic employs the mosaic technique to create surfaces or realize wall panels or floor, of even large dimensions, that are characterized by the assemblage of the design, the flexibility of use, the customization potential and characterization (based on the type, the subject, materials and colors) starting from a skill - the mosaic composition - that keeps its artisanship and still guarantees a unique result.‎
Each Multiplo is based on the unit of the handcut tile, 1x1, that shapes into an icon, which in turn represent thr unit of a larger and more complex design.‎
Multipli's influence can be found in the Pop Art experience of the 60s, from which some procedures and some insights are stylized.‎ However, the result is not a total uniformity and repetition of the pattern because of the prodution technique of the mosaic, which relies on the laying of the smallest units of measure, each being different from the other; the expectation of complete evenness and duplication is impossible.‎
I MULTIPLI by Friul Mosaic redefine the ancient history of mosaic craft, with its load of memories, tradition, and time related to its production as well as its preservation based on pixel definition or wireframe models.‎
I MULTIPLI are made of natural material (stone, marble, gold in different essence and finishes) and handmade material (the Venetian enamels); these are naturally diverse materials, with their texture and bright peculiarities as well as their specific size that make each piece a unique work of art.‎

There are six categories of MULTIPLI: ICON, SHIFT, GRID, MEMORY, REALITY, TILE.‎

It is the repetition of the same element (icon, module) with alteration of the design due to the presumptive degradation due to aging, nature or time's effect, through the restoration of incomplete parts or replacement of the same with graphic pattern, and completion of some of its parts with "recycled" tiles.‎

cRash is a pop-archaeological solution.‎
Here the stone tesserae (XS) creates a strongly iconic figure what is the €5 banknote, which in turn becomes an unitary module (S) repeatable at choice, extended indefinitely, to form an unlimited map (XL).‎
Tha Mosaic art craft is an ancient technique that is embedded in, and conveys history; and timeless regardless of representation.‎  
The historicity that inevitably accompanies mosaic is here materialized by the alterations of the effects of time.‎  
The composition of the surface is a contemporary archeological find.‎ It is incomplete, eroded, damaged, partially reconstructed, even infested by weeds, which leave only a glimpse the ancient design.‎

Materials: marble and antique finish.‎
Installation's type: indirect method technique on paper then installed on mesh.‎
Processing: classic and modern technique.‎

Further info from manufacturer on cRASH
mm 5x5, 10x10, 15x15

Multipli Collection by FRIUL MOSAIC
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