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Furniture lighting

Lighting and furniture make a significant duo that finds the maximum expression in furniture lighting. Incorporating one or more light spots into a piece of furniture may look like a secondary option, but, on the contrary, is a practical and beautiful furnishing solution, capable to catch the eye with light contrasts and fine harmonies, just like when installing lights in a room. As a matter of fact, any piece of furniture with the right lighting acquires an extra value, not only because they create something of beauty, but also for what matters to functionality. Furniture lighting ensures an ideal visibility inside and outside furniture complements, thus becoming one with pieces such as bookshelves, shelves, cupboards, wardrobes and the under wall-cabinets lighting. The versatile usage and assorted plays of lights allow to obtain modern and customizable design solutions for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and shops.

A wide variety of furniture lighting to choose from

There is an extensive array of furniture lighting typologies to choose from and each of them perfectly matches the desired use and style needs. The light enclosed in plain linear shells like in light bars, light lines and linear lighting profiles gives shape to a unique and functional design. Recessed spotlights, on their hand, create impressive lights effects, as they merge within the furniture. Every solution distinguishes itself in terms of shapes, materials, finishes, colors and diverse styles, so to adapt to a multitude of needs. In particular lighting for classic-style furniture is ideal to put in evidence often imposing pieces of furniture that nostalgically recall the past. For minimalist and essential furniture designs, lamps for modern-style furniture are ideal, as they can put the accent on details and make their charm stand out.

Shape the perfect ambiance with furniture lighting

Apart from the type of lamp, of a certain relevance is also the kind of light that will set the mood of a space atmosphere. Light becomes a furnishing component in itself and an element of décor meant to fascinate and create a magical feeling. In addition, thanks to the technology applied to these design lamps for furniture, it is also possible to adjust the temperature, intensity and color of the light and shape a different atmosphere for any moments of the day or activities that are being carried out. Hence, if the wish is to propose a soft, welcoming and snug environment a hot light is to be preferred. On the other hand, in order to convey a sense of tidiness and cleanness a cold light is to be chosen. In general, a cold light, thus strong and accent would be ideal, for instance, in a kitchen, in drawers and underneath the wall cabinets. Otherwise, a warm tame light will be rightly located in walk-in wardrobe or on shelves.

The light that values every detail of your piece of furniture

It is possible to find furniture inset lights in any area of the house or retail because they can easily adapt to diverse types of environments. In the kitchen furniture lighting is commonly used inside drawers and cupboards to ensure their use at any moment of the day and to find with no effort what is being looked for.
Those who spend much of their time preparing food will certainly love integrated lights underneath cabinets, in correspondence with the worktop. If you wish to spend a night in relax or with friends, you can re-create the warm and fine atmosphere of lounge bars by installing the light underneath the counters and islands edges. Lights for bookshelves are certainly the most common as they light up important objects such as photographs, books and travel memories. In the living room, lamps can be incorporated in TV cabinets, cabinets and storage units or even in sofas, thereby becoming the perfect tool to accompany the reading of your favorite book.
To ensure you get a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom with a soft light, it is possible to hang lights on the bed wall. If you want to pamper yourself giving the room a luxurious and chic touch, the perfect solution is to put inset lights in your wardrobe. Be it a minimalist and basic wardrobe or with sophisticate and sinuous lines, using lights to light up the wardrobe cabinet is ideal to obtain a charming light, playing with the colors and folds of the fabrics. In shops light is key too. Indeed, what is more indicated than lighting the windows glass and shelves with lamps that suitably make goods stand out to capture customers?

How to choose furniture lighting

There are infinite advantages for those who choose to enrich their furniture with furniture lighting. In the first place there certainly is energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, furniture integrated lights are usually endowed with movement and dusk-to-down sensors allowing to put the light on and off with a simple touch, with the doors/drawers opening or sliding, or even by detecting people presence and movement. This results in energy saving, reduced wasting and in a maximized efficiency for all the spaces of the house. Moreover, the most commonly furniture lighting used are LED lamps, which thanks to their characteristics use little power, which makes them a functional and sustainable source of light. Another benefit is functionality. As a matter of fact, when furniture lighting is on it ensures the right light intensity, focused on the spot of the room where it is needed, keeping the surrounding space in the shadow. This guarantees using the piece of furniture comfortably and adding to its value. Indeed next to the practical aspect there is the impressive visual and design impact that these lights have on the environment. For their being tailor-made solutions, this lighting perfectly fits the furniture, the surrounding space and the user’s taste, thus letting personal expression run free and conferring a majestic and astonishing visual effect.

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