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Children's games are not only essential for recreational activities, they are also real accessories that furnish with natural materials and shapes recalling the natural and fairy-tale world. Commercially available designer toys for children are suitable for all age groups, from traditional geometric blocks, colour combinations and objects with rounded corners for children, to role-playing games (such as houses, kitchens and dolls) for adults, up to more complex and educational games (such as puzzles, constructions, toy soldiers, jewellery creation).

Modern games for kids: the beauty of the game

Wooden toys have a timeless charm and are loved by children of all ages; ideal for those who love objects with a simple design and natural appearance, they are ecological and are painted with water-based paints so as not to be toxic to children. Fabric toys, on the other hand, are suitable for children: they are soft, padded and shaped like little animals, contributing to the growth, play and aesthetics of the surrounding space. Children's games, in fact, not only have the advantage of helping and stimulating the creativity of children, but are also particularly suitable to complete the furniture of the bedroom. ... More ... less
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