Garden armchairs

Choosing the right furniture is crucial in order to enjoy the outdoor space and share it with family and friends. Matched with the sofa, coffee table and pouf, garden armchairs contribute to the end result of an outdoor furnishing project with models that playful mix materials and colors. From armchairs with snug contours for moments of pure delight, to slimmer lines of more modest sizes that make up compact models to best fit tinier spaces; the choice is wide and rich in size options, shapes or materials. No need to say that design garden armchairs, with their sophistication, are also used in the outdoor space as a decorative element, rather than just for their functionality. In recent years the technological innovations in the field of textiles and structures have allowed to bring upholstered to the outdoor with no concern for the exposure to the sun and weather conditions. Such technical advances have motivated the producing companies to also bring large size pieces such as sofas to the outdoor. Whatever the arrangement and characteristics of the outdoor space, evaluating the materials, design and context the complement will be inserted in, is the first step to choose your outdoor armchair.

Furnish your outdoor space with comfortable and functional garden armchairs

Tailored upon the needs of those who can enjoy a green area or of a reasonable space on the terrace, garden armchairs are an excellent solution to spend entire days or just some specific moments surrounded by nature and caressed by a lukewarm sun, while simply enjoying the breeze, curling up with a nice book, or having fun in good company. The choice will definitely have to be functional and take into account the space available. The offer is so wide that there is a model for any single taste and need.
If the space on your balcony or terrace is limited, you can opt for stackable or folding armchairs, easy to be put away after use. Either your space is small or quite large, garden armchairs are a great addition to your outdoor furnishing project with models that melt together functionality and style. Upholstered garden armchairs play with the volumes of the cushions on the seat and the back. A similar but more original option is offered by inflatable garden armchairs or the iconic garden bean bag. Garden armchairs with a removable cover allow to create chromatic combinations and to change the look of this complement anytime you want thanks to the diverse patterns of the covering. Eventually, a garden rocking armchair will contribute to set a unique relaxing atmosphere thanks to its deep, snug seat.

Garden armchairs: materials and styles to boost your outdoor

When furnishing your outdoor living area it is important to balance materials, design and size. Wood garden armchairs, for instance, are often chosen because of the high resistance proved by this material against atmospheric agents and because it integrates awesomely in a green landscape. The structure of the armchair can be made of slats or of a unique wooden slab. Wood is kept natural purposefully to emphasize its beauty, without being treated with other substances.
It goes without saying that it is possible to choose from lighter to darker nuances, depending on the type of wood the armchair is made of. This complement is normally chosen in combination with the rest of the garden furniture also for what color is concerned.
On another note, being a highly malleable material, aluminum can be braided and worked in the most diverse ways while retaining its lightness. The lightness of this material makes garden armchairs in aluminum easy to carry, wash even with water only and to find in a vast array of hues. In some cases, garden armchairs can even replace sofas when the space available is not as large. Another classic material is wrought iron. The price of this armchair will be quite high since it is a complement manufactured with deep care. The material is one of intrinsic beauty and therefore does not need to be covered with cushioning to make the armchair appealing. Garden armchairs in plastic, like printed polyester or polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass allow to decorate the environment with cutting-edge shapes and products that endure atmospheric agents. If you prefer opting for a more classic line of garden furniture, even one contemporary element only – like the armchair for instance – could help enlivening and modernizing the environment with an original touch. If you are a passionate follower of outdoor design developments you cannot miss this type of armchair in your garden. Indestructible and comfortable, beautiful to look at and to use; all but “delicate”, this armchair is a piece of furniture that will enrich the entire space catching the attention of all your guests.

Furnishing the outdoor with garden armchairs to suit all needs

In order to best develop your outdoor furnishing project you have to start from the seats. These have to be comfortable, relaxing and easy to move. According to the specific need, it is possible to choose from classic garden armchairs or armchairs with more innovative and modern lines, hanging models or with integrated lighting, with headrests, armrests, footrests, or with integrated magazine racks. Garden armchairs gather all these characteristics in one complement and compliment the environment adding character and style for moments of sheer peace in touch with nature.

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