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Garden beds

The warm season is an ideal moment to enjoy the outdoor space, laying in the sun or in the fresh night breeze. In this sense, a garden bed is the perfect choice to enjoy moments in the open air. Obviously, as such, garden beds need to be made of materials that are appropriate for the outdoor, able to withstand the sun and any atmospheric agent, but also easy to clean up and disassemble to be stored in the winter time. The array of models is wide and it is therefore better to have a clear mind on the type of garden bed that can fit our needs, decide whether to buy a double or single bed, figure out the amount of square meters available, choose the style and materials that can best fit in with the surrounding context.

Garden beds: all models for a full relaxing experience

From classic recliners garden beds to canopy garden beds, from single to double models; the offer for such a furnishing element are countless and apt to meet greatly all needs. Among the diverse alternatives, canopy garden beds allow to rest outside, well sheltered from the sun rays thanks to the fabrics integrated within the structure. Positioned in a medium-size area of the outdoor where no other large-size pieces of furniture are present, they rise as the protagonists of relaxing moments to be enjoyed in two as well as with your own self. Double garden beds are very appreciated not only because of their design, but also because they create catchy corners, with systems combining indirect lighting and fabrics. Another original proposition is that of igloo garden beds, almost totally screening from the sun rays. When choosing a garden bed, is better to opt for a transportable one, in order to be able to move it if needed and put it back with no efforts, once the summer is over. Single garden beds, on the other hand, can fit in a smaller space and be chosen as part of a composition of single beds to be assembled according to the necessity. Reclining, with castors or parasols, garden beds are a guarantee of top comfort to enjoy some time in company of a nice read or music. Round garden beds are very popular too. Equipped with cushions and any possible comfort, these furnishing elements offer maximum relaxation and conviviality, without giving up on contemporary design, with resistant and handy materials.

Materials and structures of garden beds

The materials chosen for such outdoor furnishing complements have a specific characteristic, that is to say their capability to withstand atmospheric agents and keep their aesthetic value unchanged over time. It is common to choose plastic or wood, well manufactured and finished in detail, coupled with very soft technical fabrics, that are safe and extremely good at resisting climate leaps, for a contemporary, light and delicate furnishing style. A garden bed in plastic materials fits well in the outdoor for its resistance to water and easy maintenance. Wood garden beds can guarantee a better aesthetic performance and suit perfectly an exterior context; they can also be covered with natural or synthetic fabrics, resistant to water and sun rays. For those who prefer a contemporary and hi-tech furnishing style, models in metal are more recommended as they can be adapted to one’s personal tastes thanks to the different colors and shapes available. Fabric garden beds are absolutely versatile and functional, apt to be customized in style and often equipped with a removable cover and therefore especially comfortable to use.

Garden beds: styles and design

Prior to speaking of garden beds, some features need to be taken into account. In the first place, comfort. If on the one hand some beds have the advantage that they can be folded and therefore occupy little space, thus satisfying a more practical and temporary necessity, these can turn not as comfortable to be used more extensively and intensively, as they can also break more easily. In fact, for a more intensive use it s more recommended to opt for more solid models, although a bit bulkier, but as such also more comfortable. In any case, not to go wrong it can be useful to choose a garden bed endowed with an adjustable backrest with different incline options and a good mattress that is soft and completed by comfortable pillows. From a design perspective, until some years ago the choice of exterior furnishing complements was limited to the traditional ones, such as outdoor chairs, tables, stools. Nevertheless such elements could not be enough to ensure a full relaxing experience as it is instead the case with armchairs, couches and beds that enable to fully enjoy the outdoor spaces.

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