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Garden benches

An object capable of attracting conviviality and socialization, but also rest and contemplation, the garden bench is gaining more and more space in outdoor environments. It can tastefully fill large spaces, enrich isolated corners of parks and gardens, but also give a new look to outdoor tables in verandas and pergolas. Whether they are enriched with vases or light points, the versatility of outdoor benches allows them to be inserted in a variety of contexts, from urban to natural ones, in gazebos but also in dispersive and isolated spaces. The benches also provide a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics thanks to the different materials used to make them.

How to choose the garden bench

Never like today, the outdoor bench represents a complete and versatile furnishing element, able to meet all needs, from the most common to the most eccentric and particular ones.
In most cases, however, the choice must respect one's own tastes but also the functionality of the seat. The question to ask yourself when you are looking for a garden bench is therefore: which use we want to make of it and where we want to place it. In order to choose the most suitable solution for your needs, it is important to understand the use you want to make of it and the context in which the bench will be placed. Those looking for an essential and practical element, whose function is purely aesthetic, can opt for the versions without backrest in wood or teak for more modern settings, while outdoor stone benches can be chosen for more classic locations. Outdoor benches are also often combined with tables and coffee tables to create small garden sets.
If you want to enjoy it to the full, perhaps stopping in the hot summer evenings, the ideal thing to do is to aim at padded garden benches, with comfortable armrests and backrests enriched with soft cushions and fabrics. The aluminium ones, on the other hand, are the optimal choice for unshaded exteriors, as they are significantly more resistant than other weatherproof materials.

Garden benches: functions and materials

Today the quality of the materials used to make outdoor furniture has reached very high levels. Whether we are talking about wood or aluminium, polyethylene or stone, the materials used provide maximum safety and guaranteed performance. Much therefore depends on the tastes and the context in which the furniture is to be placed. Wood, a purely natural material with an eco-sustainable allure, always has great charm. The grains of the material, the shades of color and its warmth, make wooden garden benches a universal piece of furniture, able to adapt to various styles and environments, without ever clashing. The treatments used to make the wood waterproof and weatherproof make these benches extremely safe and durable over time. Plastics are the modern alternative to wood and metal. From polypropylene to polycarbonate to the most innovative Vinytex and Corian, plastic outdoor benches are a practical and lightweight solution, but also versatile and functional. Natural stone, concrete and cement, on the other hand, are the boldest but certainly the most resistant and reliable choice, but perhaps best suited to urban gardens and parks. For classic or industrial style environments, the choice of metal versions is perfect, solid, durable and with a very minimal and clean visual impact.

Functionality of garden benches

The stackable garden bench is the most complete and dynamic option for the most modern environments, where space is constantly changing and it is necessary that even the furniture can be easily moved. All this without sacrificing design and appearance. Stackable benches are therefore the optimal solution for outdoor home environments, but also for bars, clubs and restaurants that need objects of taste, but with an eye to space.
Among the modern garden benches there are also original novelties such as the garden benches with light: this particular type of furniture allows not only to offer a comfortable and elegant seating to the guest, but also to illuminate the surrounding area with taste. The lighting provided serves to create the right atmosphere in the environment and is particularly useful in suggestive locations such as those by the sea or by the pool, where the lighting points are always difficult to set up.

Designer garden benches: from storage space to pot holders

Those who love outdoor living know that functional furniture allows you to fully enjoy life in the open air. On an outdoor bench you can contemplate a panorama or relax for a moment, but also welcome friends and family and share an evening or an event with them. Having objects and tools at hand is therefore essential. With this in mind, the garden storage chests make it possible to store pillows, plaids, gardening tools but also children's games and other useful tools in the garden without necessarily having to move around. The practical storage compartment, which is normally located under the bench seat, offers a discreet and above all safe shelter for everything that can be useful outside. Whether you find space on the terrace, in the garden or by the pool, the garden bench with a container will meet the favor of the most demanding customer.
Among the niche solutions, ideal for refined environments and where space needs to be elegantly furnished, there are outdoor benches with integrated planters. This intriguing solution was born as a unique combination of several elements: seat with several seats, support point and container where to place plants and flowers. An innovative idea capable of adapting to a variety of environments, from private to communal (outdoor, shopping centers and courtyards in general).
The benches with integrated planter blend well in environments with a large flow of people, offering an oasis of practical relaxation and design.

Every space has its own bench: modular solutions

Large spaces require large solutions. To enrich outdoor environments with elements that fit perfectly into the space, modular garden benches are the best choice.
These are designed to provide a targeted solution for different requirements from the single seat to the longest and most customizable solution thanks to the additional elements. The modular outdoor benches thus become elements of conjunction with the surrounding environment, able to create original combinations and extend comfort to your liking. The modular solution not only allows you to furnish the exterior according to your needs, but is so transformable that it allows infinite solutions. The numerous possible configurations leave, in fact, ample space for the creativity of the end customer, who can adapt it to his needs and change style whenever he wants without necessarily changing the furniture.

Garden benches, history of a revalued street furniture

Garden benches are the element of street furniture par excellence since ancient times.
Located in parks, squares and public gardens, in 1700 they took the typical shape of the bench without backrest, made mostly of stone and wood, useful to provide a quick and spartan seat. From the 1800s, however, they found new employment in villas and stately homes, evolving both in detail and characteristics. Thus, were born benches with finished metal armrests, enriched with important decorative elements. Their evolution - from a simple object of street furniture to an elegant and characteristic element of historical parks and private gardens - has been made possible thanks to the work of great designers who have created innovative versions of them over the last few decades.

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