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Garden daybeds

Garden Daybeds allow to enjoy altogether comfort, relaxation and time in the open air. In classical Greece philosophers gave their lectures and enjoyed conversations from this special seating, afterwards passed on to the Romans and French, who introduced the chaise longue and dormeuse variants. As it can be easily guessed, the word derives from “dormir”; the daybed, indeed, is not just a seating with a stretched shape, but is specifically thought to be used to lie down. Garden daybeds offer an even more comfortable alternative to outdoor armchairs and sofas, not to mention the aesthetic impact they have on the overall surrounding furnishing project to which they contribute with style and amazing sophistication.

Garden daybeds, the perfect compromise between resistance and comfort

Thanks to material experimentation and the advancing in fabric making techniques, outdoor design daybed have reached a perfect balance between the sturdiness of their structure, resistance to wear and atmospheric agents, lightness and ergonomics. Daybeds frames are mostly made of metal or wooden materials. In particular, teak, a material specifically thought for the outdoor, is used for the armrests and seatback. The structure is thus robust while being made of a material with a low thermal conductivity, adequate to be in direct contact with the arms or the head even in the sunniest days. Another interesting solution is natural fiber. Rope, in particular, is used for the seatback and the headrest, as in the popular rope garden daybeds. A comparable stylish outcome is given with materials such as hand-woven resin or nautical rope. If you are looking for more minimal and contemporary style alternatives, outdoor metal daybeds can be the right choice, together with the models covered in technical fabric. An ultramodern design is offered by daybeds made of particularly innovative materials such as fiberglass or polyurethane foam.

The ultimate comfort: fabrics and upholstery in outdoor daybeds

The current offer of outdoor daybeds is wide and includes garden daybeds in synthetic fiber. They are often upholstered with polystyrene grains, look great on the poolside, with their color and glamour and are super easy to be moved. Another material that is frequently used for covering is Batyline, no-stain, resistant to mold, sun rays and hydro-repellent; as a matter of fact this is a special woven technical fabric made of polyester. Upholstered daybeds are the solution for those who are looking for extra comfort. It is possible to choose between models with cushions that can be removed in rainy days or practical fully waterproof solutions.

The keyword for daybeds: relaxation

If you are considering buying a daybed, keep in mind the use you will make of it and the space where it will be positioned, be it the poolside, a terrace or veranda. No doubt, the style and the role you want your daybed to play within the space of destination matter too. For instance, you can think of combining it with a set of seating or to make it stand out as a distinguishing element. In any case, the outdoor daybed will ensure exceptional relaxation in your outdoor living area. Coupled with a coffee table, it will make for the favorite spot where to sip a cocktail in the calmness of a summer night on the poolside, or, still sleepy, to enjoy the first early morning sunlight in the veranda after a good read and a cup of coffee.

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