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Garden gazebos

Furnishing the outdoor can be work and fun at the same time for those who want to spruce up the garden and enhance the style of their home. This is why it is better to place garden gazebos outside, since aside from being functional, they have a strong decorative power. A garden gazebo is technically an “open pavilion”, a structure that has dramatically evolved over time and that today represents a stylish and refined element to enrich the garden. Gazebos are normally made of a square or rectangular structure as a base that allows them to self-support, completed by shades and covering to create shaded areas. In other words gazebos are a kind of semi-closed space en plain air, a shelter from the sun, but also from the rain, especially for what matters the more robust variants. The choice of a garden gazebo can be made upon personal tastes, or preferences related to the size, coherently with the shapes and size of the green areas and with the style of the house. If the house is contemporary, for instance, garden gazebos can have essential and geometrical lines; if the house can praise some country traits, the structure can be made of wood and coupled with curtains in rough fabric for a more natural mood.

The most used materials for garden gazebos

The materials composing the structure of a garden gazebo are crucial for the latter stability and endurance to atmospheric agents. Gazebos are often made of a wooden base, in pine or tropical woods like teak or coconut. Such woods are noticeably flexible and naturally able to withstand atmospheric agents. The base can be left natural or finished with different colors. Even wood can be treated with water-based, non toxic enamels that increase their impermeability and make it stronger against sunlight and other atmospheric agents. Gazebos can also be made of metal, aluminum or plastic materials. In all cases the base is always able to withstand bad weather conditions and solar rays, equipped with sound and robust hooks to be fixed into the ground and with supports to hang cloths and side curtains for covering. Among the most popular, gazebos in wrought iron allow the steady structures to be lightweight and yet sturdy at the same time. Numerous gazebos come with tailor-made curtains in plastic materials such as PVC, or in natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. Gazebos made of natural wood are completed with cotton or linen fabrics that create a healthy environment, sheltered from the sunlight and airy. On their hand, gazebos with plastic coverings are extra resistant and waterproof, apt to be used also in rainy or windy days.

Garden gazebos models and functionality

There are plenty of models for garden gazebos. Within the whole offer, folding and fixed garden gazebos stand out; the fixed models are used when a permanent space has been identified to host the structure and there is no plan to move it during use. Folding garden gazebos are chosen for more practical reasons, as they are handy and lightweight, besides being equipped with zips that allow to fold them back with no effort. Innovation and progresses in design have led to super accessorized models of garden gazebos. Among these, gazebos with integrated light, usually in iron, stainless steel or wrought iron, make the outdoor space extremely pleasing even at night with no need to plan for extra lighting, since it is already present the structure. A new fashion is that of garden gazebos with cooling system, equipped with nebulization system to chill also in the hottest days.

Enjoy your outdoor: garden gazebos for all tastes and needs

If you wish to enrich the green areas and arrange a comfortable relaxing area, your garden gazebo needs to be proportionate to the space available, neither too small or too large. All systems need to be waterproof and able to ensure shadow and relaxation. The garden gazebo should integrate harmoniously with the paving and style of the surrounding space, and so be modern or country, essential or romantic also in accordance with personal preferences.
Among the most capturing options, gazebos with a bench and the models with a built-in table allow to sit and rest protected from the sun thanks to comfortable and practical furnishing elements that are one piece with the structure.

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