Garden lamp posts

Garden lamp posts are an ideal solution to lighten the garden and create spots of lights in special corners of the outdoor space. On top of that, outdoor lamp posts match greatly with a classic style garden, enriching it with charm and elegance. Modern design elements featuring sleek metal structures and sharp lines, on their hand, combine efficiently with contemporary style environments. Whatever the style chosen to adorn the outdoor, there is a multitude of models available. The size, height and light intensity to opt for depend on the space configuration and, no need to say, on the outdoor furniture style. The variety of models existing on the market allows to range from a classic style - with lamp posts in wrought iron or glass - to a more modern style -with metal or plastic lamp posts - to suit any need. Eventually, as for the light type and color, the choice usually falls on LED or solar-powered lamp posts, which definitely are an eco-friendly solution.

Garden lamp posts to suit any furniture style

It is not only choosing the appropriate source of light that matters, but also to ensure it combines well with the contextual furniture style. Lamp posts are design elements that create evocative and cozy atmospheres, ideal for the dining area, but also functional to lighten the perimeter of a house – or of the building more in general -, ensuring greater safety. However, in order to obtain the desired effect, it is crucial to carefully choose the materials. Garden glass lamp posts, for instance, are available in a wide array of shapes and colors, making them a perfect fit for the majority of outdoor furniture styles. Among the classic choices, there are wrought iron lamp posts, suitable to classic-style environments. Garden metal lamps are instead a perfect solution for those who prefer a modern furniture style.

The most popular choice: LED outdoor lamp post

Ever more often when choosing outdoor lighting, it is common to prefer garden lamp posts and other lighting systems. Ideal to lighten entrances, walkways, patios, verandas and gazebos, LED garden lamp posts are almost always considered the best solutions. The reason is that LED emanate warmth ensuring high light performance and can be installed in direct contact with wood, plastics and all the materials that normally fear heat. The LED shell can indeed regulate the heat and dissipate it through external heat sinks. Thanks to outdoor LED lamp posts it is possible to save energy and expand the lighting lifespan.

Solar-powered garden lamp posts to make a green choice

Solar-powered garden lamp posts constitute an incredibly common solutions on the market of outdoor lighting. Arranging the outdoor lighting with solar-powered systems is an eco-friendly choice that needs careful planning. The functioning principle of this kind of garden lamp posts implies that a LED lamp is associated to a solar energy power source. This happens thanks to a photovoltaic system composed of batteries, a charge controller and solar panels. These devices convert solar energy into electric energy throughout the day, while the charge controller regulates the energy flow to be stored in the batteries. This energy stockpile powers the garden lamp posts during the night.

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