Garden sofas

Anyone who owns an outdoor space knows how important it is to furnish it with the right complements, in search of comfort and aesthetics. Among the elements that best suit an outdoor environment are certainly the garden sofas. They allow you to enrich and enhance the terraces and green corners of a house, where you can take refuge and relax alone or in the company of family and friends. When choosing an outdoor sofa, while taking into account your personal taste, you have to think first of space and setting. If until a few years ago the outdoor space was simply furnished with tables and chairs to create a dining area, today with an upholstered outdoor sofa you can also compose an outdoor living area.

Styles and Design of Outdoor Sofas

The different models of sofas available offer the possibility to place this piece of furniture in a variety of contexts, thanks to technologically advanced materials able to withstand the impact of atmospheric agents. Garden sofas can accommodate up to seven people and can be modular, sectional, convertible, reclining or inflatable. The most contemporary solution with a free pattern consists of sofas-island, surrounded by armchairs and large poufs which, if necessary, are used as coffee tables. Garden sofas with a modern design can be more formal or casual. Highlights of a composition, can be the relaxing sessions with hoods. A little sofa, a little bed, boast an infinite number of themed interpretations, with a series of details that make each piece unique and stand-alone. The idea behind these sofas is to offer a solution made of aluminum or wood that, thanks to a few simple gestures, is adapted to multiple needs of use, transforming them into sofa, lounger, daybed or sofa in several places. Another widely used model is the angular garden couch to be used individually or to be joined to other elements to form a “letter l”. The design of the modern outdoor upholstery allows you to move backs and armrests to change configuration to the seat. The sectional garden sofa on the other hand is great because it adapts to any environment. You can choose the configuration you prefer, from angular to linear, with chaise longue or pouf coordinated, deciding the number of total seats. A padded garden sofa will ensure maximum relaxation thanks to the pillows on the seat and backrest. For maximum comfort, you can combine pillows for external square, rectangular, in a mixed Colour or with motifs, which will give the couch a personal touch. It is also important to be able to choose a a garden sofa with removable cover, which allows the washing and proper maintenance of the cushion lining fabrics.

The materials of outdoor sofas

Next to the design of the model, the material is a decisive element in the choice of the garden sofa. The most suitable for outdoor use for those who want to use natural, vintage or classic style materials are the wooden garden sofas: iroko, a type of African wood very suitable for outdoor use because of its resistance, teak, a very precious wood native to southern and south-eastern Asia, a component of the Asian tropical and subtropical forests, and rattan, often chosen because it is a resistant but at the same time refined material, as well as being waterproof and light. Metal alloys, such as aluminum, which can be enriched with special designs and colors, iron or stainless steel, are also highly successful. Not to be underestimated also plastic materials, such as polyethylene, which is aesthetically presented as a natural product, with the difference of ensuring a longer life over time, the absence of specific maintenance operations and an extraordinary ability to withstand rain, sun and humidity. And finally, the garden sofas in synthetic fabric, resistant to abrasion and sun rays, waterproof, washable and available in many colors.

Garden sofas to furnish the outdoor space in style

Even the design of the garden sofa will have to match the style and conformation of the space. A classic garden sofa, for example, made of colonial-style rattan, will be perfect in a patio of a restored 19th century villa, while a modern garden sofa will best complement a penthouse terrace in the city center. A timeless trend, applicable by those who have enough space in the garden, is to buy armchairs together with the sofa. Those who don't want to give up anything and dare to bet on matching sets. Unexpectedly, they also make an anonymous little piece of land interesting, provided that you can furnish it in great style: this means trying to offer the necessary seating so that every guest can sit down and be comfortable.

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