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Surface water-repellent product


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Surface water-repellent product

Water repellent - Anti-damp - Anti-mould
indicative coverage: 5-10 sq.‎ m per litre
What is it
Mixture of siloxanic oligomers with a low molecular weight in organic solvent, deep penetration power and fast condensation
How it works
Stops rising damp into floors and walls • Reduces seepage and protects underlaying structures even decayed by cracks • Suitable for the pre-treatment of floor tiles before grouting to avoid staining and perimetral damp • Does not yellow, does not change the look and the original breathing
How to use
Ready to use • Apply pure on dry surfaces with a paintbrush or liquid spreader • After 10 minutes approx.‎ remove possible excess • Do not apply on very hot or very cold surfaces (above 40°C or below 5°C) or outodoor when rain is expected • For the best protection repeat application after 4 hours at least with two coats or more coats "wet on wet" • Always execute a preliminary test • Use on dry surfaces only, both indoor and outdoor, made of cotto and terracotta tiles, clinker, all kinds of stone and marble, all concrete aggregates (terrazzo, pavement, plaster, etc.‎ )
Why to choose.‎ .‎ .‎
1.‎ Stops penetration of water into micro-cracks
2.‎ Keeps long lasting action
3.‎ Creates an anti-efflorescence anti-mould barrier
4.‎ Does not film, does not change the look of material

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