Geberit SIGMA80 Glass flush plate


SIGMA80 By Geberit


Glass flush plate

The Geberit Sigma80 flush plate is designed for the discerning eye: a black or metal-coated glass plate with two light fields and nothing more.‎ Any fingerprints would detract from the play of colours and reflections.‎ Fortunately, however, the plate offers touchless operation.‎ The Geberit Sigma80 is designed for operating a dual flush system.‎ Instead of two buttons of different sizes, the flush plate features two light fields of different sizes.‎ To trigger the flush, all it takes is a brief wave in front of either the large or the small light field.‎ The servo technology integrated in the cistern takes care of the rest.‎ The new flush plate – just like all the other models in the Geberit Sigma series – is compatible with any Sigma concealed cistern.‎ Take note, however, that the Geberit Sigma80 must be connected to the power supply system.‎ Since the glass plate has no mechanical flush buttons whatsoever, a source of electricity is essential for it to work.‎ Individual settings.‎ Most of the flush plate functions can be adjusted by the end user.‎ With just a few hand motions, they can determine whether the two LED light fields should be lit up permanently or only when the plate's sensor technology detects that the WC is in use.‎ The light fields can be set in one of five different colours, allowing users to adapt them to the setting or their own personal taste.‎ What is more, the Sigma80 can be programmed so that the flush is triggered automatically after each toilet use.‎ 

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247x164 mm
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Sigma Collection by Geberit
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