Geelli LI STA' Polyurethane gel toothbrush holder / vase


LI STA' By Geelli


Polyurethane gel toothbrush holder / vase

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Li stà and Li stò came from the idea of creating objects that use the adhesive property of the polyurethane gel, an innate feature of the material obtained without the use of glues, to simplify the use of some objects of daily 
application like the toothbrush holder.‎
From this concept Listà was conceived.‎ It adheres to smooth surfaces and can be positioned at the desired height without drilling the tiles and if necessary, it can be easily removed and relocated without leaving any trace.‎

Price refers to one pack with 2 products.‎

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mm 25 x 25 - h 90

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Listiamo Collection by Geelli
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