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Wall mounted mono-split air conditioning unit

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Wall mounted mono-split air conditioning unit

NOCRIA-X is a wall mounted mono-split air conditioning unit by GENERAL FUJITSU LIMITED.

Installation work is simple and easy for wall mounted type. We have pursued airflow control and energy saving including our dual side fan equipped flagship models. At the same time, their flat and simple designs that match the interior are also attractive.
We have a lineup with many models that have adopted the new environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant.

Comfortable airflow control to prevent the body from being exposed to airflow:
The comfortable space can be created with Hybrid Airflow, which combines different temperatures of air current and velocities.

Filter Auto Clean:
Dust on the filter is automatically removed to prevent power from being wasted by the clogged filter.

Plasma Air Clean:
Air is cleaned with an electric dust collecting technology. Pollen, house dust and other tiny pollutants are collected and removed with static electricity

Human Sensor:
The Human sensor detects movement of people in a room and operates at reduced capacity when people leave the room. When people return to the room, the system automatically returns to the previous room settings.

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