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DIS-PMC-HACCP | Surface disinfectant

Surface disinfectant


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DIS-PMC-HACCP | Surface disinfectant By GEPROM design


Surface disinfectant

The disinfectant cleaner mod.‎ DIS-PMC-HACCP proposed by Geprom is a Medical Surgical Unit compliant with HACCP standards, and is able to thoroughly clean Plexiglas® without attacking its surface.‎

It is known that the panels and components in Plexiglas® and methacrylate materials in general are not ABSOLUTELY to be cleaned and disinfected with alcohol-based products as it would irreparably ruin the surfaces.‎

Proper maintenance of the Plexiglas® displays makes their use long-lasting and always with performing functional characteristics.‎ To support normal cleaning operations, for which it is usually sufficient to intervene with a cloth and plain water, Geprom offers a specific product with a broad spectrum of action, ideal for all sectors of use.‎

It has a high microbicidal power  by the presence of quaternary ammonium salts and is essential for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that also come into contact with food.‎ Safe, non-harmful, non-toxic and biodegradable, it is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting protective panels, Plexiglas® candy holders and food containers.‎

Geprom pays attention to the quality of its products and above all to the satisfaction of its customers: this is why it offers professional products for cleaning Plexiglas® displays and has always accompanied the products with instructions and advice for correct maintenance and cleaning in order not to damage products.‎

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