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LED direct-indirect light cable-mounted steel pendant lamp


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AVOCADO | Steel pendant lamp


LED direct-indirect light cable-mounted steel pendant lamp



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Hanging lamp Avocado with organic shape.‎ Its shape resembles an avocado half.‎ The lamp is made of oak plywood.‎ On the top and bottom there are metal plates, covered with rust.‎ In the wider part there is a cut out hole, which was covered with milky plexiglass.‎ A strip of LEDs is mounted inside the lamp.‎ The lamp gives a soft, diffused light that shines both up and down.‎ In the upper part of the light warm color.‎ In the bottom with a cooler shade.‎ The lamp is suspended on three steel wires – two in the wider part and one on the other end.‎ The links can be freely adjusted.‎ In the narrower part, a colorless PVC cable was laid.‎

Avocado lamp thanks to the use of rusty elements will be a great addition to industrial and loft interiors.‎ Fits the concrete and brick walls.‎ It will also be a contrasting addition in bright, modern rooms.‎ Avocado looks best hung over a coffee table in the living room or dining room table.‎ Perfectly illuminates the countertop.‎ Light exposes and highlights its beauty.‎ The lamp is also suitable for hanging over a desk in a home office or a teenager’s room.‎ Illuminates the workspace, while not taking the space needed to work.‎ Avocado will also be an original and at the same time practical decoration of the lobby or staircase.‎ Due to its minimalist form, the lamp is also suitable for use in commercial spaces – hotels, restaurants or offices.‎

The inspiration to create a series of Avocado lamps was, as the name suggests, the avocado.‎ We liked the shape of the fruit cut in half.‎ We decided to move its pear shape with a characteristic pit into the interior in the form of a lamp.‎ The pulp has been replaced with oak plywood and the pit with a shining hole.‎ We used LEDs for lighting.‎ The whole lamp has been hung on steel cables, which can be freely adjusted.‎ Thanks to this Avocado can be hung at different heights.‎ Hang straight or at an angle.‎ Depending on your vision.‎

Avocado series of lamps consists of two models of lamps – bigger and smaller.‎ Each model is available in three versions – dark and light wood and rust.‎ Lamps look great individually and in a group of several pieces.‎ They are suitable for both home and commercial spaces.‎

L: 70 W: 11-31 H: 5 cm
L: 115 W: 18-50 H: 5 cm
Dimensions AVOCADO | Steel pendant lamp
Dimensions AVOCADO | Steel pendant lamp

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